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lesson 1






                1. Isaiah 2:2-4- God's house to be established at Zion.
                2. Daniel 2:31-45- God's kingdom to be established in the time of the Roman kings.
                3. Daniel 7:13-14- Glory, dominion, and kingdom to be given to Jesus forever.
                4. Jeremiah 31:31-34- God promised a new covenant written on the hearts of His people.
                5. Mark 9:1- Jesus promised the kingdom would come in that generation.
                6. Matthew 16:15-19- Jesus promised to build His church on the foundation that He
                    is the Christ, the Son of God.



II. MAIN THEME- God planned the church and revealed His plans through His prophets from Moses to Jesus.  He foretold the character, place, and time of the coming of His kingdom so that we can know our place in His eternal plan.

                1.Prophecies revealed the time the church would be established.

                                a. In the last days, Isaiah 2:2, Acts 2:17. Hebrews 1:2.

                                b. During the fourth empire, (Roman Empire)- Daniel 2:37-44, 7:23-27.

                                c. During Jesus' generation, Mark 9:1.

                2. Prophecies revealed the starting place of the church.

                                a. The word would go forth from Zion, Isaiah 2:2-4.

                                b. The church would begin at Jerusalem, Luke 24:46-49, Acts 1:1-8.

                3. Prophecies revealed the nature of the church.

                                a. It would involve all nations, Isaiah 2:2, Daniel 7:14.

                                b. They would have God's laws written in their hearts, Jeremiah 31:33.

                                c. They will have fellowship with God, Jeremiah 31:33.

                                d. It is not of this world, John 18:36-37.

                                e. It belongs to Jesus, Matthew16:15-19.

                                f. It will last forever, Daniel 2:44.




                1. The church was planned by God and is part of His eternal purpose,

                    Ephesians 1:11-23, 3:8-11, 21.

                2. The church is in the kingdom of God, Colossians 1:13-18.

                3. The coming of the kingdom and the establishment of the church were the same,

                    Mark 9:1, Matthew 16:18, Acts 2:17, 47.

                4. As members of the church, we must fulfill God's purpose to send forth His

                    message to all people, Isaiah 2:3, Luke 24:47. Mat. 28:18-19, Eph. 3:10.




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