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Lesson 2






    A.    DANIEL


        1. The book tells of the experiences of Daniel and his friends, Jews in Exile in Babylonia.

            Although they came to have favor with the Babylonian authorities, they also

            encountered enemies.  Nevertheless, their faithfulness to God saved them.  The

            visions continually show God as being triumphant.


        2. Interpretations of the book:


            a. Some believe the book is basically a description of events during the 2nd

                century B.C. including the desecration of the Temple.


            b. Others understand the book to speak of (prophesy) the coming of the

                kingdom of God in Jesus the Christ.  All the kingdoms of this world will

                fall;  the kingdom of God will endure forever.


            c. Still others see the book as a description of the events that will accompany

                Jesus when he returns to the earth.  (Second Coming)


        3. The histories presented in Daniel emphasize the sovereignty of God and the

            importance of faithfulness.  The book promises blessings from God in times

            of trial.  The kingdom of God is coming and the Lord will reign forever.





        1. The book (letter) is written to the Christians of the seven churches of Asia Minor.

            It is filled with visions and symbols that are to give encouragement and hope

            to Christians of all generations.


        2. Interpretation-In general there are four (4) different ways of understanding what

            John wrote in Revelation.  We will investigate these in a more detailed manner

            in a future lesson in this course.


        3. John, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, wrote Revelation in order to remind

            suffering Christians of the sovereignty of God and the redemptive work of

            Jesus Christ.  In order to give hope to persecuted Christians, he emphasized that

            this redemptive work would reach complete fulfillment at Christ's return.






    A.    They Both focus on the Son of God, the King


        1. Daniel speaks of the "son of man" - Dan. 7:13-14; and the "annointed one"-

            Dan. 9:24-27


        2. Revelation makes references in many places to the Christ:  Rev. 1:8-16; 5:5ff.

            22:12-16; and many other places.


    B.    They both focus on the Eternal Kingdom


        1. Daniel 2:44-45; 4:34;  6:26;  7:13-14, 27

        2. Revelation 2:26f;  3:12, 21;  and chapters 21-22


    C.    They both focus on the Sovereignty of God


        1. In chapters 1-6 Daniel shows God as sovereign over the man's

            business, problems, kingdoms, and future.  Also the dreams of

            chapters 7-12 reveal that God has a plan and that his will is

            going to be fulfilled.


        2. Revelation is also basically a message that brings confidence and

            hope in God.  The message is that God is in control and in the end

            will triumph completely.




1. Of the three possible interpretations for the book of Daniel, which do you consider

    the best one?



2. What is the message of the book of Daniel?



3. What is the message of the book of Revelation?



4. What are three things that Daniel and Revelation have in common?


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