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lesson 4


Parent-Children Relationships



1.     Pr 3:12; 22:6; 29:17 – Love requires discipline.

2.     Pr 13:24; 22:15; 23:13-14; 29:15 – Correction produces wisdom.

3.     Col 3:20-21 - Fathers, do not make your children angry.

4.        Eph 6:1-4 - Children should honor their parents.


II.       MAIN THEME – God intends for parents to bring up their children in the nurture of God’s will. Authority of parents must be established by discipline while the children are still young, beginning when the children are old enough to understand instructions. Discipline should be loving, considering the best interest of the child.

1.     Parents should practice loving discipline of children.

a.     God disciplines his children, Heb 12:5-11.

b.     Children must learn to respect authority, Heb 13:17.

c.     Discipline helps children avoid sin, 2 Cor 6:14-18.

d.     Failure to discipline leads to corruption, 2 Sam 2:12, 22, 3:12.

2.     Parents should be considerate of their children’s feelings.

a.     Do not willfully make them angry, Col 3:20-21.

b.     Teach them to love the Lord, Deut 6:5-7, Mar 12:30.

c.     Encourage them with positive words, Php 4:8.

3.     Parents should nurture their children with good gifts.

a.     Children are precious to God, Mat 19:14.

b.     God’s gives good gifts to His children, 1 Thes 2:7-12.

c.     Children are a blessing, Ps 127:3.

4.     The ultimate goal is for our children to become children of God, Rom 8:18-19.



1.     Failure to discipline children leads to sorrow. Children who grow up without discipline often become corrupt, like the sons of Eli, 2 Sam 3:12.

2.     Lack of respect for authority is an abomination, 2 Pet 2:9-10. If children are not taught to respect the authority of their parents, it is likely they will have no respect for other authority.

3.     Children should be brought up in the training and admonition of the Lord, Eph 6:4, Deut 6:5-7. Parents should teach their children the great stories of the Bible, and about our Lord Jesus Christ.

4.     Children should be taught to think positively about themselves, realizing that the purpose of God’s creation is that they might become children of God, Rom 8:18-19.


IV.    MEMORY VERSE -  Col 3:20-21


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