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Lesson 6





1. Micah 4:1-4 - Prophecy spoke of God coming to teach us of His ways.

2. Matthew 7:28-29 - Jesus did not teach like any other human teachers.

3. John 13:13-14 - Jesus was called "Teacher" by many different people.

4. John 7:16-17 - Jesus' teachings were directly from God.


II. MAIN THEME - During his ministry, Jesus' main role was that of a teacher. He taught with the authority of God and his

style of teaching was always relevant to the human audience. The message that Jesus taught was eternal in nature and his

demeanor was filled with love, causing multitudes of people to want to listen to him.

1. Many people recognized that Jesus was the good teacher.

a. His disciples - Mark 4:38; John 13:13-14

b. His enemies - Matt. 22:15-16, 23-24

c. Jesus himself - Mark 14:12-16; John 13:13-14

2. Jesus taught with a style which set him apart from other teachers.

a. He taught with authority - Matt. 7:28-29 (see also 5:21-22, etc.)

b. He taught with quality - Mark 6:1-2; John 7:16-17, 22-46

c. He taught to the people's needs - Matt. 11:28-30

3. Jesus used a method of teaching which caused the people to listen.

a. He used direct teaching - Matt. 5-7

b. He used parables - Matt. 13

c. He used object lessons - Mark 12:41-44; John 13:12-17

d. He used miracles - Mark 2:1-12; John 9:35-41



1. Jesus' teachings, combined with his miracles, always caused people to consider his identity and their own shortcomings

Luke 5:1-11; John 6:66-69

2. Teaching was a passion for Jesus. He did not teach because it was a job that he was getting paid for - he taught because he

wanted people to know the truth. John 8:31-32; 10:11-15 Why do you teach about Jesus?

3. Jesus taught about spiritual things. He often used physical examples, but his purpose was to give spiritual understanding

John 6:63; Matt. 6:19-21


IV. MEMORY VERSE: John 13:13

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