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Lesson 1


A Time Of Trial

James 1:2-8



I.                     A mistaken mindset: Doubtful (Double-minded and indecisive)


A.      Lacking faith, he is tossed about like a wave on the sea - James 1:6


B.       Due to his doubts, he won’t receive anything from the Lord - James 1:7


C.       He who doubts is unstable and inconsistent in all that he does - James 1:8



II.                   A correct mindset: Strong and constant (James 1:2-5)


A.       Faith is put to the test - James 1:2-3


B.       Such trials produce perseverance and strength - James 1:3


C.       This perseverance should lead to (produce) maturity and completeness - James 1-4


D.      A man should consider himself blessed when under trial - James 1:2


III.                 Conclusion - Be strong and constant in the face of trials, rejoicing for what such can produce in our lives.


A.      I Peter 1:6-7; 4:12-16


B.       Romans 5:1-5


IV.                 Memory Verse - James 1:2


V.                  Questions

                                1. What kind of thinking should we have?]


                                2. Why is it better to think in this way?

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