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lesson 8


Who Are Your Friends?

James 4:1-12


I.         A Mistaken Mindset:Let the world be you friend - James 4:1-11


A.      Such a mindset results in fights and quarrels produced by our own evil desires - James 4:1


B.       Such people even covet and kill, but they still donít receive what they want - James 4:2


C.       They donít get what they want because they donít as God - James 4:2


D.      Even when they do ask God, they still donít get what they want because their motives are wrong - James 4:3


E.       Their friendship with the world causes them to become enemies with God - James 4:4


F.       Such people even try to be friends with God and the world at the same time - James 4:8


G.       They slander one another - James 4:11


II.       A Correct Mindset:Let God be your friend - James 4:6-10


A.      Such people are treated with grace by God - James 4:6


B.       They are humble and therefore, God lifts them up - James 4:10


C.       They submit themselves to God and resist Satan - James 4:7


D.      They come near to God and therefore, he comes near to them - James 4:8


III.     Conclusion - Donít try to cultivate friendship with the world; the Christian can only have God as his friend - I John 2:15-17


IV.     Memory Verse - James 4:4


V.      Questions


1.  When one speaks against his brother, what does he make of himself?See verse 11-12.Why is this bad?

2.  According to James 4:6-10, what do we need to do to become friends of God?


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