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lesson 9


In Whom Is Your Trust?

James 4:13-5:20


I.                     A Mistaken Mindset: Put your trust in yourself! James 4:13-5:6


A.      Such people believe they know what the future will bring - James 4:13


B.       They boast and brag - James 4:16


C.       They donít understand that life is very short and unpredictable - James 4:14


D.      The rich often exemplify this attitude - James 5:1-6


II.                   A Correct Mindset: Put your trust in the Lord - James 4:15


A.      Since they donít know what tomorrow may bring, they say, ďIf the Lord willsÖĒ - James 4:14-15


B.       They do the good things that God wants them to do, trusting Him - James 4:17


C.       They are patient and steadfast, awaiting the Lordís return - James 5:7-20


III.                 Conclusion - We must put our trust in the Lord and not in ourselves - Luke 12:18-21; I Peter 2:6


IV.                 Memory Verse - James 4:15


V.                  Questions


1.        What should be our attitude about the future?

2.        According to James 4:14, our lives are like a ____________ that appears for a while then soon vanishes.


The Double-Minded Man

A Mistaken Mindset

A Correct Mindset

Doubtful and Uncertain - James 1:6-8

Strong and constant - James 1:2-5

God is Capricious and Tempts us -

James 1:13-17

God only sends good things; evil desires are

What tempt a person - James 1:14-16†††††

Itís Only Necessary to Hear the Message -

James 1:19-20

One must hear and put into practice Godís

Message - James 1:21-27

Certain people should be shown more honor

And respect than others - James 2:1-4; 9-13

One must honor all equally without showing

Favoritism - James 2:5-13

ďMentalĒ faith (without actions) is sufficient -

James 2:14-20

ďMentalĒ faith must be accompanied by actions

James 2:21-26

Thereís no need to restrain the tongue, itís

harmlessJames 3:1-12

The tongue must be controlled, itís dangerous -

James 3:1-12

Itís all right to rely on worldly wisdom (from

Satan) - James 3:14-16

One should use and trust in the wisdom that

Comes from God - James 3:15-18

Itís good to be a friend of this world -

James 4:1-11

Itís good to only be a friend of God (be humble)

James 4:6-10

One should trust in himself (be proud and

Conceited) - James 4:13-5:6

One must trust only God, obeying Him-

James 4:14-17-5:7-20


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