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Lesson 24






        1. Author - By the apostle John while he was exiled on the island of Patmos:  1:1, 9:  22:8

        2. Date - during the 6th Emperor of Rome (by the prophet Daniel's count) probably about A.D. 78:  see 17:1-18

        3. Setting - Written to Christians who were feeling defeated in the 1st Century.  It deals with their problems and the answer. 

            We need to know the history of that time as well as Old Testament to understand the book best.  It is a symbolic book

            tied to O.T. prophecy and figures.



        1. Key verses:  1:1-3;  chapters 4 & 5

        2. Purpose:  To show those beat down by Satan's armies that there is victory in Jesus;  Jesus is the Victor Already!

        3. The Presentation of Jesus in the book of REVELATION:

                1) As King:  1:5;  5:13;  19:11-16

                2) As Lion - Victor:  5:1-5:  17:14

                3) As Lamb:  5:6-14;  12:10-12;  14:1-5;  22:1

        4. In this book, it is revealed that the 7 churches of Asia will only overcome if they return to Jesus, their first love.  Jesus

            says to those churches who had left Him to:

                1) Remember - where you fell down:  2:2-5;  2:12-13;  3:7-10

                2) Repent - change your mind:  2:5-7;  2:16;  3:19

                3) Repeat - (return) - do what you used to do:  2:5; 3:3

        5. Why should the Christians repent, return and remain faithful?

                1) Satan (in Rome) only looks victorious:  12:7-9

                2) The persecution they were receiving would not last forever, but the faithful would receive rest:  2:10; 14:13

                3) The Lamb shall overcome; victory in Jesus:  17:14

                4) There are great rewards to the faithful:  2:7, 11, 17, 26-28; 3:5, 11-12, 21

        6. A picture of the future is shown:

                1) Of the enemies of God:  20:11-15;  21:8, 27:  22:15

                2) Of the redeemed:  21:1-22:5



        1. Christianity was/is an illegal religion.

                1) Rome tolerated the religion of those whom they conquered, so long as they did not evangelize.  That is why Rome

                    sought to destroy the Christians as shown in REVELATION.

                2) Does this have any relation to India?  Should we stop evangelizing because we are told to stop?

        2. The world view of Christians:

                1) Because Christians met at night, they were accused of evil.

                2) Because Christians loved each other, they were accused of indulging in sexual passions.

                3) Because most of the Christians were from poor backgrounds, they were looked down upon as not being respectable.

                4) Because the Christians were enthusiastic, they were accused of being fanatics.

                5) Today, are we accused of any wrong because the world does not understand us?

        3. Symbolism in REVELATON:

                1) Should be understood in the light of Old Testament teachings and prophesy;  they will clarify the symbols.

                2) Should be understood in accordance with the numerology of the 1st Century;  especially that of other Christians.

                3) Should be understood by comparing them to the clear teachings of Jesus and His apostles in the rest of the New Testament.

                4) Should not normally be understood in a literal way.

        4. Two ways to view the teachings of REVELATION:

                1) Interpretation - understand what it meant then to them.

                2) Application - understand how it can apply to us, only after understanding how it applied to them (do not separate these.)





1. True or False:


    _____  1)     There is no symbolic language in Revelation.


    _____  2)     The Old Testament and world history would not help in understanding the book of Revelation.


    _____   3)     Revelation is a book of visions revealed to John by Jesus.


    _____  4)     Jesus wants to show the Christians that they have victory.



2. Name three (3) things that the seven churches can do which will allow them to return to Jesus.








3. Jesus is described as _________________ of kings and _______________ of lords.



4. Multiple Choice:


    1) Who was Revelation specifically written to?


        a. Roman government

        b. all the world

        c. 1st century Christians (7 churches of Asia)


    2) The main purpose of the Book of Revelation was:


        a. To straighten out the problems of the Roman churches.

        b. to predict the downfall of the Catholic church.

        c. to show there is victory in Jesus.


    3) How will the church of Asia overcome?


        a. If they will learn to give of their money to the Lord.

        b. If they will return to Jesus.

        c. If they will correct their brethren who are falling away.


5. List three (3) descriptive names that Jesus is called:








6. Which two names is Jesus called in Revelation that seem to be opposites?


7. How can we use the book of Revelation in our life as Christians?


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