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Lesson 7






        1. Author - Paul the apostle: 1:1  Who had originally preached the gospel in Corinth and converted many of those who

            received this letter.

        2. Date - About 4 years after Paul had left Corinth while he was in Ephesus: 16:8,19 (A.D. 53-54)

        3. Setting - Paul had received information about the situation in Corinth (1:11;  16:17-18), and had received a letter from

            the congregation asking certain questions (7:1).  He planned to visit them, but wanted them to change some attitudes and

            relationships before he arrived so he wouldn't have to deal harshly with them.



        1. Key Verses:  1:29-31;  3:1-3

        2. Purpose:  Paul wanted to deal with some problems that existed in the church.  Central to all their problems was their living

            and glorying in the flesh, not the Spirit.  (1:29-31;  3:1-3;  3:18-23)

        3. Since this needed correcting, they needed to understand the practical reality of love as shown in:  chapters 8-10;  12:31-13:13

                1) God:  1:4-9,  18:31

                2) preachers of the gospel:  2:1-4:13

                3) Jesus:  5:7-8;  11:23-25

                4) Paul himself:  4:16;  11:1;  14:18-19

                5) their hope:  chapter 15

            4. This reality of love was called for in specific ways:

                1) Lord's supper:  chapter 11

                2) Participation as a body:  chapter 12

                3) Giving to fulfill needs:  chapter 16

                4) Willingness to limit our rights:  chapter 9

                5) Our assemblies and each individual's involvement: chapter 14



        1. If we glory in men (our self or others), then we have lost the purpose of the gospel to be those who "glory in the Lord".

                1) Do not glory in man's actions, only in the Lords.

                2) Do not glory in man's words, only in the Lords.

                3) Do not glory in man's position, only in the Lords.

        2. Love is the answer to any of the struggles the church has as a group or each individual Christian's struggles.

                1) Struggles over differences:  chapter 8

                2) Struggles over rights:  chapter 9

                3) Struggles over idolatry:  chapter 10

                4) Struggles over oneness or unity:  chapter 11

                5) Struggles over body-life and individual roles:  chapter 12

                6) Love is the answer:  chapter 13

        3. 1 Corinthians 1:10 - "Speaking the same things," "having no divisions among you," "being of the same mind and same

            judgment" does not deal with specifics of doctrinal issues or persuasions but with greater, more meaningful principles of:

                1) Glorying in the Lord, not men:  1:29-31

                2) Seeing ourselves as temples of the Holy Spirit:  3:16-17

                3) Serving God without distraction:  7:35

                4) Exercising love rather than knowledge or gifts:  chap. 12 & 13

                5) Maintaining a living hope in the coming resurrection of the dead:  chap. 15

        4. What will confirm us unto the end, so that we shall be unreprovable in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ?

                1) Not ourselves, our wisdom, our actions, or our goodness

                2) Christ Jesus revealed in us:  1:7-8




1. If any man is going to glory he ought to glory in _______________________.

    (1Corinthians 1:31)


2. Was it possible to have the spiritual gifts, but not walk by the Holy Spirit?


3. What one word, one attitude (or action) is the answer to all problems in the

    church?  (1 Corinthians 13)


4. When Paul wrote to the church in Corinth and said that they were carnal

    (physically minded) and babes, did he ever indicate that they were not

    Christians or that he would not have fellowship with them?


5. How can God's kind of love answer  these questions and problems:


    1) Which teacher do you follow?


    2) Whether to start a lawsuit against another Christian?


    3) Whether or not I can eat beef in India?


    4) Whether preachers of the gospel can be supported?


6. Name the examples of love that they had to imitate:








7. Is Christ divided? _________________________


    Was Paul crucified for you? __________________


    Were you baptized in the name of Roger? ___________


8. Who is the wisdom and power of God?

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