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Lesson 8






        1. Author - Paul, the apostle and Timothy:  1:1; 10:1;  11:30-12:10 Is is obvious that Paul was the main author due to the

            many personal references to his life and actions.

        2. Date - A.D. 54-55; written within a few months of the 1st book.

        3. Setting - Paul writes so quickly after the 1st letter because of the Christians response to his previous message.  Paul's plans

            had changed concerning visiting them, so he sent this letter.  There had been certain teachers in Corinth who had brought

            accusations against Paul.



        1. Key Verses:  1:12-14;  1:23-2:11;  2:14-3:3;  5:11-13:  6:11-13;  7:2-10;  12:11-21;  13:1-10;  ***10:7***

        2. Purpose:  Paul seeks to give the Corinthians (who have shown a desire to follow Christ sincerely) insights into a genuine

            walk with Jesus.  They have only seen the outward workings of Paul;  now he gives them a view of the inward working of

            God through Paul.  Paul's letter is based on their maturity in Christ (growth).

        3. Paul's Specific Message to the Corinthian Christians:

                1) His genuine concern for them:

                        a. He does not act fickle toward them:  1:15-22

                        b. He seeks their joy, not their grief:  1:23-2:11

                        c. Everything is for their benefit:  4:1-15;  6:3-10

                        d. He reveals his heart unto them:  6:11-13;  7:2-4

                        e. He seeks for their continued excellence:  11:1-4

                        f.  He is jealous over them for Christ:  11:1-4

                        g. He is unwilling to burden them:  11:7-12;  12:13-18

                2) Their need to fulfill these actions genuinely:

                        a. Forgive, comfort, and reaffirm love to the repentant:  2:5-11

                        b. Become real letters of commendation:  3:1-6;  5:11-13

                        c. Continue to be reconciled to God:  5:20-6:2

                        d. Do not withhold their affection from Paul:  6:12-13

                        e. See for yourselves - how devoted are you: 7:12; 13:5-6

                        f.  Complete your act of grace in giving:  8:6, 10:12;  9:1-5

                        g. Be strengthened and Be ready:  10:7-18;  12:19-21;  13:9-11

        4. Paul's General Message to All Christians:

                1) The Value of our sufferings:

                        a. So that we might comfort others in their plan:  1:3-7

                            b. So that we might rely on God, not ourselves:  1:8-10

                        c. So that we might see that the great power within us comes from God, not from ourselves:  4:7-12

                        d. So that more may be reached:  4:15

                        e. So that God's power may be perfected in our weaknesses: 12:1-10

                2) Let your deeds be genuine:  2:14-6:2

                        a. First, by BEING what God had made you:  2:15-3:18

                        b. Second, by HAVING what God had given you:  4:1-18

                        c. Third, by KNOWING what God had revealed: 5:1-19

                        d. Finally, by DOING as His fellow workers: 5:20-6:2

                        e. If we seek to do, without first being what God wants us to be, we are hypocritical and not genuine!



        1. Our ministry can be powerful:

                1) When we use genuine, open methods (not deceitful):  4:1-4

                2) When we proclaim Jesus as Lord (we are servants) 4:5

                3) When we reveal the glory of God in our lives: 4:6-7

                4) When we suffer for the sake of others:  4:7-12

                5) When we speak according to our faith:  4:13-15

                6) When we fix our eyes on the eternal things:  4:16-18

        2. The Spirit is apparent in our lives by:

                1) We are longing to be at home with God (in heaven): 5:1-9

                2) We are aiming to please God in all things:  5:9

        3. Having a Spiritual View of our Ministry of Reconciliation:

                1) Involves knowing that Christ died for ALL:  5:14

                2) Involves living for Christ who died for us:  5:15

                3) Involves seeing ANYONE in Christ as a new person:  5:17

                4) Involves understanding reconciliation comes from God:  5:18-19

                5) Involves realizing that the message of reconciliation has been entrusted to us:  5:19-20

        4. The Qualities of Giving like Christ Gave:  8:1-9:15

                1) Give willingly, voluntarily:  8:1-4; 9:7

                2) Give yourselves first to the Lord:  8:5

                3) Give according to your commitment (complete):  8:6-7, 10-11

                4) Give according to what you have:  8:12

                5) Give generously with your dependence on God:  9:6-11

                6) Give because it brings praise to God:  9:12-15




1. Who helped Paul write this letter to the Corinthians?


    How can we tell that Paul was the main author?


2. Paul seeks to give the Corinthian Christians insight into a ___________________ walk with Jesus Christ.


3. What does the word "genuine" mean?


4. Name three (3) reasons why we know Paul had a genuine concern for the Corinthian Christians:






5. True or False:  Suffering is valuable because....


    ____1)   Through it we can focus on our own pains and wants.


    ____2) Through it we can learn to rely on God, not ourselves.


    ____3) Through it we see that the great power within  us is from us.


    ____4) God's power is perfected in our strengths.


    ____5)   Through it we can reach many more people with the gospel.


6. It is apparent that the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives when we are longing to_________________ with God and when aim


    is to ______________ God.


7. If we seek to do things, without first _______________ what God wants us to


    ____________, we are hypocritical and not being _____________________.


8. Match the scripture with the good quality of giving:


    ______ 1)  Willingly, voluntarily                                      a.   8:5


    ______ 2)   Give yourselves first to the Lord                 b.   8:6-7, 10-11


    ______ 3)   Give according to your commitment            c.   8:12


    ______ 4)   Give according to what you have                d.   8:1-4; 9:7


    ______ 5)   Generously depending upon God                e.   9:6-11


9. If _______________ is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!


10.   What does Paul want us to do to see if we are really in the faith?  2 Corinthians 13:5

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