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lesson 25





        1. Author - Daniel, the prophet:  7:1; 10:7

        2. Date - The events took place from 612 - 530 B.C.

        3. Setting - Daniel was a young man taken captive from Judah to Babylon  and later served in the courts of Kings

            Nebuchasnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus.  He was a great influence in both the Babylonian and Persian kingdoms,

            as well as among the Jewish captives.



        1. Key Verses:  1:17;  20;  2:44-47;  7:17-18;  27

        2. Theme:  Daniel was given the power to receive visions and interpret them in order to reveal God's workings and future

            plans among the kingdoms of this earth, and to unveil God's everlasting kingdom that would be set up by the son of man. 

            The visions were given during Judah's captivity, thus having great relevance to Israel's view of their past, present, and future


                1) God at work among the kingdoms:  chapters 1 - 6

                        a. Judah captured and Daniel chosen by God:  ch. 1

                        b. God's whole plan revealed to Nebuchadnezzar:  ch. 2

                        c. God is able to save the faithful:  ch. 3

                        d. God is able to humble the proud:  ch. 4

                        e. God is able to rule the nations:  ch. 5

                        f.  God causes His people to continue:  ch. 6

                2) Visions of God's future plans:  chapters 7 -12

                        a. Four kingdoms and the everlasting kindgom:  ch. 7

                        b. Persia and Greece described in symbolism:  ch. 8

                        c. Daniel's humble prayer for Jerusalem and God's answer revealed:  ch. 9

                        d. The vision of the Man of War:  ch. 10

                        e. Great conflict to come:  ch. 11

                        f.  The outcome and the inheritance:  ch. 12



        1. Son of God:  3:24-26

        2. Son of Man:  7:13-14

        3. The Anointed One:  9:24-27

        4. His everlasting kingdom:  2:44-45;  4:34;  6:26;  7:13-14;  27



        1. The Kingdom of God

                1) Would be set up during the fourth kindgom, the Roman Empire: 2:44

                2) Would be the kingdom of the Son of Man:  7:13-14

                3) Would include peoples of all nations and languages:  2:44-45;  7:14

                4) Would be an everlasting kingdom:  4:34;  7:27

        2. God is Able

                1) To show favor to the oppressed:  see chapter 1

                2) To reveal the future percisely:  see chapter 2

                3) To rescue those who trust in Him:  see chapter 3

                4) To reign sovereign over the kingdoms of men:  see ch. 4

                5) To control the future of kings and nations:  see ch. 5

                6) To judge the righteous and the wicked:  see ch. 6

        3. Faith is the Victory

                1) When put in comparison to man's ways:  1:5-19

                2) When God's answer is sincerely sought:  2:10-23

                3) When God only is served (in spite of threats): 3:13-18;  28:29

                4) When God is honored above self:  4:28-37

                5) When God is acknowledged as sovereign: 5:17-29

                6) When God is put first, instead of men's decrees:  6:12-27

        4. The Importance of Humility

        1) Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by God because he tried to exalt himself in his self-pride:  see chapter 4

                2) Daniel was exalted by God because he humbly confessed his sins and sought after God's great mercy:  see ch. 9

                3) Luke 18:9-14;  James 4:6;  10




1. Why was Daniel in Babylon?


2. Name three (3) reasons why Daniel was able to interpret dreams and see visions:






3. What does the book of Daniel reveal to us about God's role in the kingdom of men?


4. Read Daniel 2:31-45.  In the image, which stone equaled which kingdom that you studied about in the outline?  Write them in    Order.


            Stone              =          Kingdom


    1) ----Gold-------     =  -----------------------


    2) ----------------      =  -----------------------


    3) ----------------      =  -----------------------


    4) ----------------      =  -----------------------


5. What is the difference between the kingdom of God as shown in Daniel and the kingdoms of men.


6. Match the characters with their stories:


    --------1)  Daniel                                                     a.  saw the handwriting on the wall

    --------2)  Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego        b.  made to walk with animals

    --------3)  Nebuchadnezzar                                   c.  thrown in the fiery furnace

    --------4)  Belshazzar                                             d.  thrown in the lion's den


7. List three(3) descriptions given about the Messiah in the book of Daniel and explain these in your own words.






8. We will have the victory if we put our _________________ in God because God is ____________________ to do all things.




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