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lesson 8





          1. Author - unknown, but ancient legend identifies Samuel

          2. Date of Events - 1200 - 1100 B.C., during the period of the Judges - 1:1 Date of Writing - possibly during the early

              years of David's reign, around 1000 B.C.

          3. Setting - Ruth was a woman from Moab, a country east of the Dead Sea, who lived during the time of the judges in Israe.

            She moved from Moab to Judah.  The Israelites were not living as one nation, but as separate tribes (12 tribes).



          1. Key Verses:  1:16-18;   2:11-12;   4:13-22

          2. Theme:  During the time of the judges, while most were doing "what was right in his own eyes." there were some who

              lived in faith.  this book appears to have a dual purpose: 

                   1) To show the blessing of God upon the loyal and committed whether they are from Israel or another nation and

                   2) To reveal god's ability to uphold the lineage of Jesus through David from   Abraham (even by using a Gentile).

                   3) God's blessings upon Ruth - because she was loyal!

                             a. Ruth reveals her loyalty: 1:16-18

                             b. God gives her physical blessings:  2:11-12

                             c. God gives her a son through Boaz:  4:13-17

                             d. The spiritual blessing came through Obed:  4:18-22

                   4) God keeps His promise about Abraham's descendants:  Genesis 12:1-3

                             a.  Mahlon and Boaz were both childless:  chapter 1

                             b. God causes Ruth to meet Boaz:  chapter 2

                             c. Boaz redeems Ruth:  3:1 - 4:12

                             d. The lineage continues through Obed:  4:13-22



          1. The lineage of Abraham and David is preserved:  4:13-22

          2. Genealogy of Jesus:  Matthew 1:1-17, especially v. 5:  Luke 3:23-38



          1. "Do not lose heart"

                   1) Naomi began to lose heart when she lost all that was precious to her.  She became bitter.  1:13:  21:22

                   2) Ruth was determined: 1:16-17

                   3) God moved in unknown ways to bring Ruth and Boaz together:  chapters 2 - 3

                   4) God carried out His plans and brought about the child, Obed.  Naomi was restored:  4:11-15

                   5) Let us not lose heart:  2 Corinthians 4:1,  16

          2. Basic needs provided by God

                   1) Naomi was given Ruth as a companion in difficult times:  1:22

                   2) Ruth found work to do for their provision:  2:2

                   3) Boaz was generous to Ruth:  2:8-10;  3:15-18

                   4) Boaz provided as a husband for Ruth:  4:13

           5) An heir (Obed) was given to all three:  4:13-17




1. What was the situation in Israel during the time of the story of Ruth?


2. Multiple Choice:

          1) Ruth was from the country of:

                   a. Egypt

                   b.  Moab

                   c. India

          2) Naomi's relationship to Ruth was as:

                   a. mother

                   b. sister

                   c. mother-in-law


3. The purpose of the book of Ruth was to show the blessing of God upon ______________________ and _____________even

    though they were from outside Israel.


4. What importance did the marriage of Ruth and Boaz have for us today?


5. Name three (3) blessings Ruth received from God:





6. God was able to uphold His ___________________to Abraham through Ruth.  Ruth gave birth to __________________, who was

    a forefather of ____________________.


7. Read Ruth 1:16-17.  Now define "loyalty" using your own words.



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