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lesson 11






            1. Matthew 12:39-40- The sign of Jonah.

            2. Psalms 16:9-11- The prophecy of David.

            3. Ephesians 4:9-10- Christ visited the spirit world.

            4. Isaiah 53:9- The place of Jesus' burial, a rich man's tomb.



II. MAIN THEME:  The burial of Jesus has great significance in the gospel.  His burial gave evidence of His death.  His dead body became the object of concern to the Jewish authorities who remembered His promise to raise the third day.  Their efforts to prevent the loss of the body provided more evidence of the power of God.

            1. Evidence of the death of Jesus.

                        a. His side pierced by the Roman spear, John 19:31-37; 1 John 5:6-11.

                        b. John was witness to the death of Jesus, John 19:35.

                        c. Preparation of His body for burial, John 19:38-42.

            2. Jesus was buried in a rich man's tomb.

                        a. As prophesied by Isaiah, Isaiah 53:9; Mat 27:57-60.

                        b. Jesus was dead in the flesh but alive in the Spirit, 1 Pet 3:18.

            3. The Jews had the Romans seal the tomb and guard the body.

                        a. They were afraid that the disciples would steal the body, Mat 27:62-66.

                        b. But the disciples were hopeless, Mark 16:10-13; Luke 24:11.

                        c. The Roman guard was responsible for their charge with their own

                            lives, more evidence the bible account is true, Acts 16:27; Mat 28:14.

            4. The evidence of the death and burial of Jesus is necessary for the proof of the


                        a. The sign of Jonah for unbelievers, Mat 12:39-40; 16:4; Luke 11:29-32.

                        b. The things written should produce faith, John 20:30-31; Rom 10:17.




            1. We can believe in the evidence of the death and burial of Jesus because we have

                eyewitness testimony, John 19:35; 2 Pet 1:16-21.

            2. Jesus was buried because He was dead, and we follow the pattern of His death

                and burial when we are baptized through faith in Jesus, Rom 6:3-5, 17;

                1 Cor 15:1-4.

            3. We need to die with Jesus in order to have life, Phil 3:8-11; Rom 6:6-14.

            4. Repentance is part of dying with Jesus, John 3:3-9; Luke 24:47; 2 Pet 3:9.

            5. People who are baptized because they believe they have already been saved are

                not following the pattern of Jesus, Who was dead when He was buried,

                Rom 6:3, 17; John 19:33.




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