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lesson 4






            1. Genesis 12:1-4- God revealed His covenant with Abraham.

            2. Genesis17:1-14- God bound His covenant with Abraham.

            3. Genesis 22:1-12-. God tested the faith of Abraham.



II. MAIN THEME:  God selected Abraham and decided to bless all nations of the earth through him.  To accomplish God's purpose, it was necessary for Abraham to leave his people and start a separate nation in a new land that God would give them.  Abraham believed God, and became our example of faith.  Through Abraham, and the nation Israel, Jesus Christ came into the world and accomplished God's purpose of blessing all nations.

              1. The covenant with Abraham.

                        a. Leave your country for a new country, Gen 12:1; Heb 11:8-16.

                        b. I will make you a great nation, Gen 12:2;

                        c. In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed, Gen 12:3; Gal 3:7-9.

            2. The covenant was evidenced by male circumcision.

                        a. Every male child to be circumcised in the flesh of the foreskin,

                           Gen 17:10-14, 23-27.

                        b. The uncircumcised to be cut off from the people, Gen 17:14;

                            Exodus 4:24-26.

            3. Abraham's faith was tested.

                        a. Regarding his son Ishmael, Gen 21:10-14.

                        b. Regarding the offering of Isaac, Gen 22:1-12; Heb .11:17-19.

            4. Abraham was blessed because he believed God.

                        a. Sarah bore his child in their old age, Gen 15:1-6; 21:1-7.

                        b. He received Canaan for his descendants, Gen 13:14-17; 17:8.

                        c. God provided a sacrifice in Isaac's place, foreshadowing

                            the offering of Jesus Christ, Gen 22:8, 11-18.

                        d. The promised blessings through Abraham were confirmed, Gen 22:18.




            1. We are children of Abraham through faith in Jesus, Gal 3:14, 26-29.

            2. Jesus is the sacrifice provided by God for the sins of the world, John 3:16;

                Rom 5:5-10; Isaiah 53.

            3. Our faith is tested by our response to God's commands, Rom 6:17; 10:16;

                Heb 5:9; Mark 16:15-16; Act 2:41; 8:35-38; 1 Pet 3:21.

            4. Our faith is tested by trials, 1 Pet 1:6-7; James 1:2-4.

            5. Our circumcision is of the heart, Col 2:9-14.

            6. Abraham was counted righteous because he believed God, Gen 15:6;

                Rom 4:1-8; James 2:14-26..




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