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Lesson 8






    1. Psalm 141:2 - Our prayers go up to God as the smoke from incense.

    2. Daniel 2:36-45 - The Roman Empire was to be destroyed according to this prophesy.

    3. Romans 1:18-19 - God’s wrath will be revealed on those who are ungodly .

    4. Matthew 23:13-36 - Jesus spoke woes on those who were hypocritical and unrighteous.


II. MAIN THEME:  Revelation 8-9 - The vision of the seven trumpets reveals the initial wrath of God to be sent on the

    Roman Empire.  As each angel sounds his trumpet, God sends forth another portion of His wrath.

    1. Textual Discussion of Revelation 8 & 9 and related passages from Revelation.

            1) 8:1-2 - The seventh seal is opened with a moment of silence and revealing the seven trumpets.

            2) 8:3-5 - Another angel holds the incense which is the prayers of the saints.  Rev. 5:8; 6:10

            3) 8:6-12 - The first four trumpets are sounded revealing limited physical destruction on a third part of land, the sea, the fresh

                waters, and the heavens.  Rev. 16:2-9.  This could reveal the natural calamities which were partially responsible for the fall

                of the Roman Empire.

            4) 8:13 - An eagle announces the coming of the following three trumpets.  Rev. 12:14

            5) 9:1-11 - The fifth trumpet is sounded showing the opening of the bottomless pit and the locusts which come out to torment

                those of the Roman Empire.  This could reveal the internal rottenness which was partially responsible for the fall of the

                Roman Empire.  Rev. 17:16-17.

            6) 9:12-21 - The sixth trumpet is sounded revealing the great army of horsemen coming from beyond the river Euphrates. 

                This could reveal the external invasion by the Persians which was partially responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire. 

                Rev. 16:12-16.

    2. Related Topics:

            1) Our prayers go up to God like the smoke from burning incense.  They are a sweet aroma to God. Acts 10:4; Psalm 141:2.

            2) God predicted the rise and fall of the Roman Empire in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as interpreted by Daniel. God foresaw the

                decay of the Roman government.  Dan. 2:36-45; 7:23-28.

            3) Paul wrote to the Romans that God would pour out His wrath on the ungodly.  It had a special meaning to the Romans

                because their empire would eventually be destroyed by God.  Rom. 1:18-19.

            4) God often spoke through His prophets to pronounce “woes” on those who did not follow His will. Isaiah 5:8-30; Ezekiel 24.

                 Jesus used this form of expression in Matthew 23:13-36 when He pronounced “woes” on the scribes and Pharisees.



    1. Prayer is powerful in our relationship to God and useful to obtain His help - Luke 18:1-14; Matt 6:6-9; 26:41; Mark 11:24; 2 Th

        1:11-12; 1 Tim 2:8; James 5:15-16; Rev 5:8; 8:3-4.

    2. God uses many different forces and powers to accomplish His purpose.  We cannot always know what is happening, but must

         always remember that ultimately God is in control and will accomplish His will - Rev 5:13; 6:1-17; 8:1-13; 16:1-21;

        1 Corinthians 15:25; Heb 12:26-29.

    3. Christ’s warnings (woes) that apply to Christians:

            a.  Woe to you who are rich, full, laughing,  - Luke 6:24-25

            b.  Woe to you when all men speak well of you - Luke 6:26

            c.  Woe to him who causes offenses - Luke 17:1

            d.  Woe to him who betrays the Lord Jesus - Luke 22:22

            e.  Woe to those with bad motives - Jude 10-21

    4. God determines the limitations of each nation and people (borders, times, etc.);Acts 17:26 - therefore we must not put our

        trust in government and nations, but in the Lord Jesus Christ -  Daniel 2:44; Matt 24:7.


IV. MEMORY VERSE:  Revelation 8:4

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