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Lesson 1


We Follow Jesus Because Jesus Followed God


I. Study Texts: Psalm 123:1,2; John 5:19,20; 5:30; 6:35-40; 8:28,29; 12:44-50; 14:9-11


II. Theme: Jesus shows us how to serve God. Culture, society, and church leaders do not define the service God expects

        from his children. Jesus defines service.  That service can be achieved when: (1) Each Christian places Jesus on the

        throne of his or her heart (1 Peter 3:14-16). Jesus alone is Lord. Jesus alone is in control of that person. (2) Each Christian

        allows Jesus (not culture, society, or people of status in the congregation) to teach him or her what it means to be God's

        servant. (3) Each Christian understands how to be God's servant by keeping his or her eyes on Jesus.


III. Questions and Application


        Psalms 123:1,2.

            1. To whom did the psalmist lift up his eyes? Where was this One (verse 1)?

            2. In what manner did the psalmist look at God? To what do the eyes of a servant look (verse 2)?


        John 5:19,20.

            1. Jesus could do nothing ______ (verse 19).

            2. The only thing Jesus did was what he saw ______ (verse 19).

            3. What did Jesus do "in like manner" (verse 19)?

            4. What was the bond between the Father and Son? What did the Father show Jesus (verse 20)?


        John 5:30.

            1. What could Jesus not do [not because of inability, but because God's servant could not do that]?

            2. What determined how Jesus judged? Why was Jesus' judgment just?


        John 6:35-40.

            1. Because Jesus is the bread and water of life, the believer who comes to Jesus will not _____ or _____(verse35).

            2. Who would come to Jesus? What would Jesus not do to the believer who came (verse 37)?

            3. Why did Jesus come from heaven (verse 38)?

            4. What is the will of God (verse 39)?

            5. What is the will of the Father (verse 40)?


        John 8:28,29.

            1. According to Jesus, when would they know that "I am He" (verse 28)?

            2. What two other things would then be known (verse 28)?

            3. Who was with Jesus? What did Jesus always do (verse 29)?


        John 12:44-50.

            1. Faith in Jesus was also faith in whom (verse 44)?

            2. The person who saw Jesus saw whom else (verse 45)?

            3. Why did he come as light to the world (verse 46)?

            4. Jesus did not come to do what? Why did he come (verse 47)?

            5. Jesus' words (teachings) were not produced by what (verse 49)?

            6. Who commanded Jesus to say what he said, to speak what he spoke (verse 49)?

            7. Jesus said exactly what he was told to say by whom (verse 50)?


        John 14:9-11.

            1. The person who saw Jesus also saw whom (verse 9)?

            2. What was the origin (the source) of Jesus' words and actions (verse 10)?

            3. What was the relationship between Jesus and the Father (verse 11)?


IV. Conclusion: Jesus shows us how to serve God because he was God's perfect servant. We are    redeemed by God to have the

        same attitude as Jesus. How do you show the nature of Jesus in your service to others?  What service have you given to

        others this week?



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