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lesson 3




1.     The Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus


                a. The Holy Spirit, through the prophets, prophesied the coming of Jesus - Is 7:14; Jer 23:5; Mic 5:2; Mal 3:1

                b. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit Mt 1:18-25; Lk 1:35

                c. Was present at the baptism of Jesus    Mt 3:13-16

                d. Was present when Jesus was tempted Lk 4:1

                e. Helped Jesus in His work                              

                        1. In His teachings Lk 4:16-21

                        2. In His miracles  Mt 12:28

                f.      Raised Jesus Rom 8:11


2.     The Holy Spirit Glorifies Jesus Jn 16:14



        The Holy Spirit accompanied Jesus in His life and ministry and glorifies Him today


Memory verse:  John 16:14




1.     T     F      The Holy Spirit had nothing to do with Jesus before His baptism.


2.     T     F      One thing that the Holy Spirit does is give glory to Jesus.


3.     What was and is the work of the Holy Spirit with respect to Jesus?  (see John 16:14)


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