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lesson 4




1.     “Regeneration”   What is it?


In Greek the word means “new birth, rebirth, or reproduction.”  Although the word occurs only 2 times in the NT, the texts that refer to a new birth or rebirth or the new nature are referring to regeneration.


2.     When does this regeneration occur?


Acts 2:38 speaks of the forgiveness of sins by means of repentance and baptism.  Such forgiveness makes one clean, or gives him a new life according to Rom 6:1-13.  These two passages speak of the regeneration that occurs by means of one’s repentance and baptism.  One can see even better the role of the Holy Spirit in regeneration in Titus 3:5 (and Jn 3:3-5).  Here is seen even more clearly the rebirth (regeneration) that occurs in water baptism through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, regeneration takes place by means of what the Holy Spirit does at the time of one’s baptism in water.


3.     The results of regeneration


        a.     One receives a new life - Jn 3:3-5; Rom 6:1-13

        b.     The sins of one’s past life are forgiven - Acts 2:38; Rom 6

c.     One has a new nature - 2 Cor 5:17  This doesn’t mean that the old nature completely disappears, but rather that one receives the Spirit and His “ Nature”, permitting one to live differently than before.

d.     One becomes part of the body of Christ, the Church - 1 Cor 12:13  In that way one relates with different people, the Family of God.

        e.     One receives the seal of the Holy Spirit showing that He belongs to God - Eph 1:13, 4:30

f.      One receives the Holy Spirit to dwell (live) within Him - Acts 2:38; Rom 5:5, 8:9-11; 1 Cor 6:19-20; Gal 4:6; 2 Tim 1:14  the Holy Spirit indwells the Christian in order to produce His fruit, that is , to sanctify Him (as we will study in the next lesson).


4.     Offending the Indwelling Holy Spirit


        a.   Quenching the Holy Spirit - 1 Ths 5:19 (see Lesson 7).  One quenches the Holy Spirit when he doesn't allow the Spirit to

              work in His life.

        b.   Grieving the Holy Spirit - Eph 4:30.  This is what happens when one acts in such a way that He dishonors the presence of

              the Spirit that indwells Him.  In other words, when He sins as seen in the context of Eph 4:30.

        c.   Insulting the Holy Spirit and blaspheming against Him - Heb 10:29; Mk 3:29 - it seems that a common thread unites these

              two offenses; rejecting the Gospel as revealed by the Holy Spirit in order to continue living in the world, and for the

              Christian, turning one's back on God and His redeeming work in order to return to the world and intentional (willful) sin. 

              In that way one cannot be forgiven of His sin and saved because he is continuing to sin - Heb. 6;1-8, 12:25 - the second

              offense mentioned above, blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, occurs when man turns His back on God and attributes to

              Satan what is of the Spirit.  This is not done accidentally but rather intentionally.  One has become so hardened that he no

              longer recognizes the goodness of God. One need not fear that He is committing this sin as long as He is trying to walk

              with God; it is of a deliberate nature.



        It is the Holy Spirit that gives new life (regeneration).  This happens when by means of  faith one repents and is baptized.

        Now clean, the Christian receives the Holy Spirit as a gift to dwell within him and produce the fruit of a changed and holy life.

        Yet it is possible to offend the Holy Spirit and even intentionally insult Him, turning one's back on Him and thereby lose

        one's salvation.


Memory verse:  Titus 3:5




1.     T     F      A faithful Christian should be fearful and very careful in order to avoid   committing accidentally the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.


2.     T     F      The Holy Spirit  regenerates man at the time of His biblical water baptism.


3.     T     F      While one is being regenerated by the Holy Spirit in baptism, the Holy Spirit is also given to dwell in the believer.


4.     T     F      To blaspheme and insult the Holy Spirit is to reject the Gospel and turn one’s back on God.


5.     What are three results of the regeneration by the Holy Sprit?


6.     How can one quench the Holy Spirit?


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