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lesson 5




Hagiasmos - Rom 6:19,22; 1 Ths 4:7; 1 Tim 2:15,  Heb 12:14.  This word refers to the relationship with God that one enters through faith in Jesus Christ.  It is the separation of the believer from evil things and evil paths.  Sanctification is God’s will for Christians and yet something the Christian has to pursue in order to obtain it.  It is, therefore, a state or condition, and at the same time, a process.  The verb, hagiazo, means  “to make holy, purify, or consecrate.”  The word in Hebrew means “to set apart.”


1.     Sanctified by the Holy Spirit


          a. The apostle Paul realized that in his ministry the Gentiles were sanctified by means of the Holy Spirit - Rom 15:16

          b. Paul also recognized that the Holy Spirit sanctified all the saved - 2Ths 2:13; 1 Cor 6:11

          c. We were sanctified by the Holy Spirit for obedience - 1 Pet 1:2


2.       What the Spirit does in order to sanctify - Romans 8, etc.


          a. He has freed us from the law of sin - Rom 8:1-2

          b. He has allowed us, as those that are of the Spirit, to think about the things of the Spirit - Rom 8:5

          c. He dwells within us in order to give us a new life - Rom 8:11

          d. Only by means of the Spirit can the Christian "put to death the works of the flesh" ( That is, be holy) - Rom 8:13

          e. The Spirit made us "children of God", Rom 8:14, guides us, :13, and joins with our spirit to give testimony that we

              are children of God.  This testimony is by means of what the Spirit produces in our lives:  sanctification, that is, the

              fruit of the Spirit, Gal 5:22.  All this is by means of the Spirit, not through our own abilities.

          f.  Nevertheless, it is necessary to pursue holiness; it's a process of transformation into the image of

              Christ - 2 Cor 3:17-18; 1 Ths 4:3; 2 Tim 2:15; Heb 12:14



          We have to submit to Jesus Christ as Lord and be guided by the Holy Spirit in order to be sanctified as God expects us to be.                   Without holiness no one will see the Lord, Heb 12:14.


Memory verse:  2 Cor 3:18




1.       T     F      The sanctification of the Christian by means of the Holy Spirit is accomplished in spite of man's attitude and efforts.


2.       T     F      Sanctification is a state in which the Christian finds himself immediately after giving himself to Christ and at the

                          same time it a process in which one, little by little, conforms to the perfection of Christ.


3.       T     F      Sanctification is accomplished totally through our own abilities.


4. What are three things that the Holy Spirit does in order to sanctify a Christian?


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