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lesson 6




1. Unity - Ephesians 4:3-4

        One of the things that the Holy Spirit does in the church is help preserve unity among the brethren.   It is the same Spirit that

        dwells within each Christian.  For that reason it's impossible to think that the Spirit could want division between brothers. 

        It would be the same Spirit fighting against Himself!


              a. the Spirit formed (baptized) us into the one body 1 Cor 12:13

              b. God hates division between brothers 1 Cor 3:16-17


2. Mission

        In the history of the primitive church the Holy spirit always provided His help to undertake and complete the church's

        mission:  the evangelization of the nations.


              a. upon receiving the Holy Spirit,  the apostles would go out to be witnesses of Jesus Acts 1:8

              b. Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, began to witness about Jesus Acts 4:8ff

              c. the Holy Spirit led Philip to witness about Jesus Acts 8:29

              d. the Holy Spirit sent Peter to Cornelius   Acts 11:12ff

              e. the Holy Spirit sent Paul & Barnabas to preach the Gospel Acts 13:2,4

              f. evangelism through the power of the Holy Spirit Rom 15:18-19


3. Worship

        Worship should be by the Spirit of God - Phil. 3:3


4. Inspiration of the Scriptures (see the study: The Inspiration of the Bible)


              a. the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of the OT 2 Tim 3:16

              b. He also inspired the writing of the NT  2 Pet 3:16; 1 Pet 1:10-12



        In the Church the Holy Spirit works to bless the body of Christ by helping preserve unity, by motivating Christians to

        evangelize the world, by aiding the worship of the believers, and by putting God's will within the reach of all through

        the inspiration of the scriptures.


Memory Verse:  Acts 1:8




1.     T     F    The Holy Spirit works in the individual Christian but does nothing for the church as a whole.


2.     T     F    The Spirit wants there to be many different groups of Christians and for that reason supports division in the church.


3. What are four  areas in which the Holy Spirit works for the church?


4. In what way is the inspiration of the Scriptures a blessing for the whole church?


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