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lesson 2






     1. Matthew 4:4 - Food sustains the physical body; God's word sustains the spirit of man.

     2. John 4:31-34 - Genuine food originates from the will of God; it truly satisfies.

     3. 1 Peter 2:1-3 - Our desires should be toward spiritual food, instead of just filling our bellies.

     4. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 - God's word can make us complete, fulfilling every aspect of life.

     5. Psalm 19:7-11 - Respect the word of God as having a sweetness far greater than anything.


II. MAIN THEME - This lesson is both about our heart and the value of the Bible.  If our heart is

                right, then we will be seeking to know.  When we seek, we will find.  What we find will be

                the fulfillment to every part of our life - spiritual, emotional, and physical.  Matthew 7:7


     1. Hunger and Thirst after righteousness - Matthew 5:6

                a. Virtue (goodness) is the desire for what is right - 2 Peter 1:5

                b. When we desire righteousness, then we seek and find the right way- Matthew 7:13-14

                c. We can only be filled on righteousness.  Nothing else satisfies.  Matthew 5:6


     2. The Value of Studying the Bible - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

                a. The scriptures train us in the way of righteousness.

                b. The scriptures prepare us to do every good work.

                c. The scriptures are encouraging and they are able to provide us with hope - Acts 20:32


     3. Contextual Study - Learning to study the Bible in a natural way - Galatians 3:15-17

                a. Know which testament you are studying - this involves time, covenant, and application

                b. Know who was speaking - the author, Jesus, God, another person, etc.

                c. Know who is being spoken to - the Jews, disciples, an individual person, etc.

                d. Know the purpose of the overall book - with this, you avoid wrong conclusions.


     4. Purposeful Study - Accepting the message, without trying to force our own will - 1 Samuel 3

                a. Why do you study the Bible?  To learn what God says or to try to prove a point.

                b. It is necessary to have an open heart and mind.  Only then will you learn God's will.



     1. To the pure all things are pure!  Titus 1:10-16   If you are seeking truth, then whatever you

                find in the scriptures will be viewed with that mindset.  If not.... 2 Thessalonians 2:10

     2. Do you really want to do God's will?  John 4:34   Jesus showed us that a desire to do the

                will of God is far greater than a desire to gain for oneself.  It will be the greatest gain!

     3. Do you want to battle about details of law?  Titus 3:9-11  This lifestyle has no direction.

                Instead, follow after wholesome qualities for your sake and others - 1 Timothy 4:11-16

     4. Practically, how do we let God's word feed us?  Read and pray, meditate and pray, study

                and pray, re-examine and pray, memorize and pray, trust and pray........ repeat.

     5. Physically, you don't eat just a little food.  Spiritually, you should not eat only a little either.


IV. MEMORY VERSE  -  Matthew 5:6

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