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lesson 11






1   1.   The Promise of the Holy Spirit

2.   The Ascension of Jesus

3.   Matthias Replaces Judas as Apostle     

2   1.   The Coming of the Holy Spirit

2.   The Good News Preached for the First Time

3.   The Church Established     

3   1.   Peter and John Heal a Lame Man and Preach in the Temple     

4   1.   Peter and John Put in Jail

2.   The Jewish Authorities Tell Peter and John Not to Speak or Teach about Jesus

3.   Peter and John Freed; the Believers Pray for Courage to Boldly Teach of Jesus

4.   The Believers Share Their Possessions 

5   1.   Ananias and Sapphira Sin and Die

2.   The Apostles Perform Many Miracles; The Church Grows

3.   The Apostles Are Arrested; Then Freed by an Angel

4.   The High Priest and Sanhedrin Interrogate the Apostles, Flog Them, Prohibit Them from Speaking in the Name of Jesus, and     Free Them 

6   1.   A Problem Arises Among the Greek-Speaking Jews

2.   The Choosing of the Seven (Deacons?) to Attend to the Problem

3.   Stephan Seized by the Jews and Brought Before The Sanhedrin

7   1.   Stephen’s Defense (Sermon)

2.   The Death of Stephen  

8   1.   A Great Persecution Breaks Out Against the Jerusalem Church

2.   Saul (Paul) Persecutes the Church

3.   All the Believers, Except for the Apostles, Are Scattered Throughout Judea and Samaria

4.   Philip Preaches the Gospel in Samaria and Many Believe

5.   The Samaritans Receive the Holy Spirit By the Laying on of the Apostles’ (Peter and John) Hands

6.   Philip Baptizes the Ethiopian Eunuch     

9   1.   The Conversion of Saul (Paul)

2.   Saul Preaches in Damascus, Escapes to Jerusalem, Sent to Tarsus

3.   The Church Enjoys a Time of Peace and Grows Spiritually

4.   Dorcas (Tabitha) Is Restored to Life    

10 1.   Cornelius (the First Gentile) Is Converted by Peter

2.   The Gentiles (Those of Cornelius’ House) Receive the Holy Spirit   

11 1.   Peter Reports the Conversion of Cornelius to the Jerusalem Church

2.   Many Gentiles Are Converted in Antioch; Barnabas and Paul Teach the Disciples in Antioch

3.   Agabus, a Prophet, Predicts a Severe Famine in All the World; the Disciples from Antioch Send Help to the Jerusalem Church  


12 1.   Herod Kills James, The Brother Of John

2.   Herod Arrests Peter, But Peter Is Freed By An Angel And Goes To Where The Christians Are Assembled

3.   Herod Is Called A God And Dies For Not Honoring God  

13 1.   Barnabas And Paul Sent By The Antioch Church To Preach The Good News

2.   Barnabas And Paul Evangelize In Cyprus And Antioch Of Pisidia; Many Gentiles Believe, But Paul And Barnabas Are Persecuted By The Jews

14 1.   Paul And Barnabas Evangelize In Iconium, Lystra, And Derbe; Many Believe

2.   Paul And Barnabas Taken For Gods In Lystra; Later Paul Is Stoned

3.   Paul And Barnabas Re-Visit These Churches On Their Return Trip and Name Elders In The Churches

4.   They Return To Antioch Of Siria And Report To The Church    About Their Mission    

15 1.   The Jerusalem Council Concerning The Gentiles’ Responsibility

2.   Paul And Barnabas Separate And Begin New Missionary Journals 

16 1.   Paul And Silas Visit The Christians In Syria, Cilicia, Derbe, And Lystra, Encouraging Them; Tim

Joins Them In Lystra

2.   They Announce The Gospel In Macedonia & Philippi; Lydia And A Jailer (Among Others) Baptized In Philippi

17 1.   Paul And His Companions Evangelize In Thessalonica, Where  

            Many Believe, But The City Riots

2.   They Announce The Good News In Berea, Many Believe There, But The City Riots Due To Some From Thessalonica

3.   Paul Goes On To Athens, Preaches There, Some Believe   

18 1.   Paul Goes To Corinth; He Begins To Work With Priscilla And Aquila

2.   Paul Preaches To The Jews At First, But Due To Their Opposition, He Begins Working With The Gentiles

3.   Paul Returns To Antioch

4.   Paul Begins His Third Missionary Journey, Passing Through       Galacia And Phrygia

5.   Apollos Teaches In Ephesus; Priscilla And Aquila Teach Him The   Way Of The Lord More Perfectly  

19 1.   Paul Arrives In Ephesus And Baptizes Some That Had Known Only The Baptism Of John; When

Paul Placed His Hands Upon Them,      They Received The Holy Spirit In The Same Manner As Those

On       The Day Of Pentecost

2.   Paul Remains Two (2) Years In Ephesus, Announcing The Good     News And Performing Miracles

3.   Many That Had Practiced Sorcery Burned Their Scrolls

4.   Demetrius Causes A Great Riot To Break Out In Ephesus  


20 1.   Paul Visits Macedonia And Greece Once More, Encouraging The   Brethren

2.   Paul Returns To Jerusalem By Land, Passing By Troas Where Paul Restores Eutychus To Life After He Fell From A Window During     Paul’s Sermon

3.   Paul Speaks To The Ephesian Elders While In Miletus  

21 1.   Paul Is Warned In Tyre And Caesarea That He Shouldn’t Go To Jerusalem, But Paul Says He Is Willing

            To Even Die For Christ

2.   While In Jerusalem Paul Visits James And The Elders Who Advise Him To Show That He Too Lives In Obedience To The Law

3.   Paul Takes Four (4) Men With Him To Fulfill A Vow; Some Jews Cause An Uproar Among The Citizens; Paul Arrested  

22 1.   Paul Defends Himself Before The People Of Jerusalem, Relating His Conversion And His Mission To

 The Gentiles

2.   Paul Reports His Roman Citizenship To The Soldiers   

23 1.   Paul Before The Sanhedrin; The Pharisees And Sadducees Riot

2.   Some Jews Make Plans To Kill Paul

3.   The Romans, Upon Realizing Their Was A Plan To Kill Paul, Send Him To Felix Under Guard 

24 1.   Paul Is Accused Before The Governor, Felix, And Defends Himself

25 1.   Paul Is Accused Once More And Defends Himself Before Festus, The New Governor; Paul Asks To Be

 Judged By The Roman Emperor

2.   King Agrippa And His Wife, Drusilla, Arrive In Caesarea; Festus Tells Them About Paul    

26 1.   Paul Presents His Case Before Agrippa And Drusilla

2.   Paul Tries To Evangelize Agrippa   

27 1.   Paul Sent To Rome

2.   The Ship Sinks During A Storm At Sea

28 1.   Paul On The Isle Of Malta; He Is Protected From A Snake Bite

2.   Paul Arrives In Rome; Welcomed By The Brethren

3.   Paul Preaches To The Jews In Rome

4.   Paul Is Given Liberty To Announce The Good News From The Rented House Where He Was Being Held Prisoner     

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