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lesson 4






                A.   It Began The Same Day That Stephen Was Killed - Acts 8:1

B.     Only The Apostles Remained In Jerusalem; The Other Believers Were Scattered Throughout The Regions Of

       Judea and Samaria - Acts 8:1

                C.   Saul Continued Persecuting The Church, Dragging Believers From Their Homes ToPut Them In Prison - Acts 8:3




                A.   The Persecution Of The Church In Jerusalem Caused The Church To Be Scattered And Be Established Outside Of Jerusalem - Acts 8:4

1.      Philip began to preach Jesus and perform miracles, which attracted the attention of many Samaritans -

       Acts 8:5-8

                                 2.    Many believed the message and were baptized - Acts 8:12

2.      When the apostles realized that the Samaritans had accepted the gospel, they sent Peter and John to

       Samaria - Acts 8:14

                                                 a.    They prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit - Acts 8:15

b.     Peter and John placed their hands on the believers, and in that way they received the Holy

       Spirit - Acts 8:17

c.      Simon, who had been a sorceror, wanted to buy the power of giving the Holy Spirit to others -

       Acts 8:18-24

                                                 d.   The apostles preached the gospel in many surrounding towns of  Samaria - Acts 8:25

                B.   Philip Was Sent To The South (The Ethiopian Eunuch) - Acts 8:26-39

1.      An angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, sending him to the road that ran from Jerusalem to Gaza

       Acts 8:26

2.      Philip found a man from Ethiopia, a eunuch and important official in charge of the treasury of the

       queen - Acts 8:27

3.      Upon becoming aware that the eunuch was reading from Isaiah, Philip took advantage of the

       opportunity and preached the good news to him - Acts 8:30-35

                                 4.    As they were passing a place where there was water, the eunuch asked to be baptized - Acts 8:36-38

                                 5.    The Ethiopian continued on his way, rejoicing - Acts 8:39

C.     Philip Was Taken By The Spirit To Azotus.  From There He Traveled About Preaching The Good News Till

       He Reached Cesarea - Acts 8:39-40


CONCLUSION -    There Was Great Joy In Samaria.  The Believers From Jerusalem Had Been Scattered And Many Went

                                 To Samaria.  Philip Began To Get The Attention Of The Samaritans Through His Message About

                                 Jesus And Through His Miracles.  Many Were Baptized And Received The Holy Spirit When Peter

                                 And John Arrived From Jerusalem To Lay Their Hands Upon Them.  Philip Obeyed An Angel Of The

                                 Lord  In Order To Convert An Influential Man From Ethiopia; Thereby Spreading The Gospel There.



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