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lesson 3


The Marriage Bed Is Undefiled



1.        Heb 13:4 – Marriage is honorable.

2.        Gen 2:24 – The two shall be one flesh.

3.        Mat 19:5-6 – Jesus sanctioned marriage.

4.        Mat 19:12 – Not all men should marry.


II.       MAIN THEME – Marriage is ordained by God, and is honorable. However, marriages are not always made according to the will of God. All multiple marriages are against His will, yet God recognized those marriages as existing.

1.        Sex in marriage is to be honored.

a.  The sexual relationship is honorable and to be enjoyed, Song of Solomon, Pr 5:15-19.

b. Sex within marriage is approved of God, Heb 13:4.

2.        Marriage is a covenant made between a man and a woman.

a.  God ordained the covenant of marriage, but men and women marry, Deut 24:1, 5; Mat 19:9.

b. That covenant is destroyed by divorce and remarriage, Deut 24:1-5, Mat 19:9.

3.        God has counted marriages made against His will as being actual marriages.

a.  All marriages to more than one wife are against the will of God, Gen 2:24.

b. God counted the marriages of four wives by Jacob, claiming the children of those marriages as legitimate offspring, Gen 30:1-26.

c.  God counted the marriage of David to Bathsheba, 2 Sam 11:3, 12:9, 24.



1.        God’s marriage law is the same for all people, that one man and one woman be married and loyal to each other as long as both live, Gen 2:24.

2.        Men can marry against the will of God. Divorce and remarriage without just cause are against the will of God, Mat 19:9. Marriage to unbelievers is against the will of God, 2 Cor 6:14, Ezra 9:10-12.

3.       Some marriages that are against the will of God may still be counted as legal marriages, meaning that the marriage bed is undefiled. Those who come to Christ in a marriage relationship that is not according to God’s will have responsibility to maintain that marriage if possible, 1 Cor 7:12-17.


        IV.  MEMORY VERSE – Heb 13:4.


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