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lesson 8


Prayer In The Christian Family



1.       Luk 18:1, 1 Tim 2:8 – Men ought always to pray and not lose heart.

2.       Act 4:31, 12:5-1 – Prayer is powerful.

3.       Jam 5:15-16, 1 Pet 3:7 – God hears the prayers of the godly.

4.        Luk 18:13-14, Jam 5:17-18 – God responds powerfully to fervent, faithful prayers.


II.       MAIN THEME – God is faithful to bless our confidence in Him as we pray. Prayer makes the Christian family life powerful.

1.        Look at the example of Jesus and His prayer life.

a.  He prayed for His family, Luk 22:31-32.

b. He prayed for unity in His family, Jn 17:15-23.

c.  He set a good example with His prayer life, Luk 11:1.

d. He taught His family to pray, Luk 11:2-4.

2.        Prayer makes family life powerful.

a.  Prayer promotes unity in the family, Act 13:3, 20:36-38.

b. Prayer changes things, Act 12:5-7, 16:25-26.

c.  Honor and respect among family members promotes effective prayer, 1 Pet 3:7.2.


1.        The following is a practical list to help when family conflict occurs:

a.  Ask for God’s help in prayer, Rom 8:26-28.

b. Look for an appropriate moment for dealing with the conflict, as soon as possible, Eph 4:26.

c.  Express clearly your point of view, without getting mad. Try to determine if the other person understands what you are trying to say, Gal 6:2.

d. Listen to the other point of view without getting mad. Using your own words, try to express what you understand that the other person is trying to say, 1 Pet 4:8.

e.  Forgive and ask forgiveness. Forgiveness asked for and freely given almost always brings reconciliation, Jam 5:16.

2.        Prayer should be unceasing in the home, 1 Thes 5:15-19.

3.        We should ask for prayers and make confessions in the family setting, 1 Thes 5:25, Jam 5:16.


IV.    MEMORY VERSE – Luk 18:1


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