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lesson 9


The Resurrection and the Ascension



I. Evidences (proof) of the Resurrection

A. From the documents The N.T. documents have never been discredited (shown to be in error). They

are the product, humanly speaking, of reputable men, many of whom were eyewitnesses of the events

about which they wrote.

B. Testimony of the witnesses-Jesus appeared at least 10 or 11 times after the resurrection; once before more

than 500 people. The apostles were among these witnesses.

C. The change in the disciples-Immediately after the death of Jesus, the apostles were a confused and uncertain

group. Upon realizing that Jesus had been raised, they became a dynamic and aggressive group and

courageously preached the gospel. Nothing less than the resurrection of Jesus would have brought about this change.

D. Fulfilled Prophecies

1. From the O.T.-Psalms 16:10

2. From Jesus himself-John 2:19; Luke 9:22

E. The resurrection is mentioned in its completeness in all four gospels and emphasized in the rest of the O.T.

F. It is impossible to explain the empty tomb without the resurrection.

G. The early church considered the first day of the week (the day of Jesus' resurrection) so important that they

assembled on that day to commemorate His resurrection.

H. Baptism (Romans 6:3-4) is testimony of the resurrection.


II. Appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection

A. Mark 16:9-10; John 20:11-18 to Mary Magdalene (and to other women? see Matthew 28:9-10)

B. Luke 24:15-31 to the two disciples (Cleopas and another) on the road to Emmaus

C. Luke 24:34 and I Cor. 15:5 to Simon

D. John 20:19-23; Luke 24:33-49; Mark 16:14-18 to the disciples

E. John 20:26-29 to the disciples, including Thomas

F. John 21:1-14 to seven disciples

G. Matthew 28:16-20 to the 11 in Galilee

H. I Cor. 15:6 to 500 disciples

I. I Cor. 15:7 to James

J. Acts 1:2-9? to the 11


III. The Body of the Resurrected Christ

A. It was different than it had been.

i. Mary didn't recognize him John 20:15

ii. Nor did the disciples recognize him John 21:7

B. Yet it was similar to what it had been.

i. It was of flesh and bone, not a spirit Luke 24:39

ii. He spoke and ate Luke 24:42

C. Nature presented Him no obstacles.

i. Apparently he could pass through walls John 20:19

ii. He could disappear immediately Luke 24:31

iii. He resisted the pull of gravity to ascend to the heavens Acts 1:9


IV. The result of the Resurrection

A. It shows His deity Not Romans 1:4; the resurrection proved what he said about himself and therefore

vindicated him.

B. It made possible his work as intercessor Romans 8:34

C. It showed that there is a future life

D. It gives us power to live the Christian life Phil. 3:10

E. It gives us hope of our own resurrection I Cor. 15:20-24

F. It offers us justification Romans 4:23-25

G. It shows what our resurrected bodies will be like I John 3:1-3

H. It assures us of a future judgment Acts 17:31


V. The Ascension of Jesus Mark 16:10-20; Luke 24:50-51; Acts 1:6-10

A. It occurred 40 days after the resurrection, in Bethany Luke 24:50-51; Acts 1:3

B. What is the significance of Jesus' ascension?

i. It shows his acceptance by God Hebrews 10:12

ii. It allowed him to become out High Priest - Hebrews 4:14-16

iii. It provided the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit John 16:7

iv. It assures us that Jesus will return in the same manner Acts 1:10-11

C. Final words to the Apostles

i. A promise the coming of the Holy Spirit over the apostles to give them power Acts 1:8

ii. A blessing Luke 24:50-51

iii. A commission (part of the promise) to testify of Him in Jerusalem, in all the region of Judea and

Samaria, unto the uttermost parts of the earth. Acts 1:8





Lesson 9 Questions

The Resurrection and the Ascension



1. What are 6 proofs (evidences) for the resurrection of Jesus?



2. True or False


_______A. There was a little difference between the attitudes of the disciples after the death of Jesus,

but before his resurrection and their attitude upon realizing he had been raised.


_______B. Jesus appeared to few people after the resurrection.


_______C. The body of Jesus remained in the tomb and only his spirit was raised.


_______D. After the resurrection Jesus apparently could pass through walls


_______E. Jesus ascended 40 days after the resurrection.


_______F. Among the final words of Jesus are found a commission for the disciples..


3. Of what significance is the ascension of Jesus?


4. Write 4 results of the resurrection of Jesus?




Does the resurrection and ascension to Jesus give you hope? In what sense?

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