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lesson 2


Who Tempts You To Sin?

James 1:13-18


I.         A mistaken mindset - God tempts me (James 1:13)


A.      God causes me to sin - James 1:13


B.       God is also tempted to sin - James 1:13


C.       God sends us evil things - James 1:17-18


D.      God is capricious; He changes from one moment to another - James 1:17


II.       A correct mindset - my own evil desires tempt me (James 1:14-15)


A.      Our own evil desires tempt us - James 1:14


B.       Our own evil desires attract us, seduce us, and deceive us - James 1:14, 16


C.       All good things come from God - James 1:17


D.      Evil desires give birth to sin - James 1:15


E.       When sin is full-grown, it gives birth to death - James 1:15


III.     Conclusion - our own evil desires tempt us to sin; God gives us good things - see I John 3:4-5


IV.     Memory verses - James 1:14-15


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