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lesson 4


Don’t Show Favoritism Among People!

James 2:1-13


I.         A mistaken mindset - One should give more respect and honor to certain people - James 2:1-4, 6, 9-13


A.      He gives special attention and preference to the rich, the well dressed - James 2:2-3


B.       To the poor he shows a lack of respect and says, “Sit on the floor by my feet!” or “Stand over there!” - James 2:3


C.       Such people judge with evil thoughts - James 2:4


D.      He humiliates the poor by his actions - James 2:6


E.       With this mindset he sins and is guilty of breaking all the law - James 2:9-10


II.       A correct mindset - one must respect and honor all without showing favoritism - James 2:5-13


A.      The poor are special too: God has chosen them to be rich in faith - James 2:5


B.       The rich are not always good: They are the ones that take advantage of others - James 2:6-7


C.       One must obey the royal law: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” - James 2:8


D.      One must show much mercy in order to be judged mercifully on judgment day - James 2:12-13


III.     Conclusion - If one shows favoritism among people, lacking respect for someone or some group of people, he has sinned and will be judged without compassion, even as he has judged others.  God requires that all be treated with love and compassion. - Luke 10:25-37



IV.     Memory Verse - James 2:1


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