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lesson 5


Deeds Rather Than Mere Words

James 2:14-26


I.         A mistaken mindset: Words of faith unaccompanied by deeds are sufficient - James 2:14-20


A.      A man says that he has faith, but he doesn’t show it by his life (deeds) - James 2:14-17


B.       He says to someone that is without sufficient clothing, “Go, I wish you well…”, but he does nothing about that person’s physical needs - James 2:16


C.       He believes only with his mind, like the demons - James 2:19


D.      He is a fool because faith not accompanied by works is useless! - James 2:20


II.       A correct mindset:  Mental faith must be accompanied by deeds - James 2:21-26


A.      One’s faith is known through one’s deeds - James 2:18


B.       Even with Abraham his faith was demonstrated by his actions - James 2:21-23


C.       Also in the case of Rahab: She was considered righteous because of her deeds (That showed her faith) - James 2:25


D.       Faith not accompanied by deeds is dead - James 2:26


III.     Conclusion - It is a great error to believe that faith is only something that resides in the mind.  True faith must express itself through one’s deeds - Eph. 2:8-10


Memory Verse - James 2:17

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