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lesson 7


True Wisdom

James 3:13-18


I.         A Mistaken Mindset: The wisdom from the world (and the devil) is good and sufficient - James 3:14-16


A.      It leads to a life full of envy - James 3:14


B.       It leads to a life full of selfish ambition - James 3:14


C.       It results in a denial of the truth - James 3:14


D.      It produces (or is accompanied by) disorder - James 3:16


E.       It produces (or is accompanied by) every evil practice - James 3:16


II.       A Correct Mindset: A Christian must use the wisdom that comes from God - James 3:15-18


A.      Such wisdom is seen in the good life one lives and in his deeds done in humility - James 3:13


B.       It is characterized by a life that is pure, peace-loving, considerate, and submissive - James 3:17


C.       It is also impartial, sincere, and full of mercy and good fruit - James 3:17


D.      Such a life, sown in peace, produces a harvest of righteousness - James 3:18


III.     Conclusion - Let the wise man show his wisdom by means of his attitude, his good conduct, and his fruit (deeds) - Proverbs 2:10-15


IV.     Memory Verse - James 3:17

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