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Lesson 13






1. Author - Paul, the apostle, Silas, and Timothy: 1:1 (I & II) 3:17 ( II ); 2:1-12 ( I )

2. Date - Both letters, soon after A.D. 50.

3. Setting - Thessalonica was the chief city in this Roman province. Paul had preached the gospel at this city earlier

Acts 17:1-10. Because of the Jews, Paul had to leave this city in a hurry, but the Christians loved Paul so deeply

and he loved them.





1) Key Verses: 3:6-10

2) Purpose: Paul wishes to express his deep love and concern for the brethren. He reveals that he is able to live because

they remain standing in the Lord.

3) The church is : 1:2-10

a. An elect people: 1:4

b. An exemplary people: 1:6-7

c. An enthusiastic people: 1:7-9

d. An expectant people: 1:10

4) Paul's evangelistic approach is a worthy example: 2:1-13

a. Go with pure motives: 2:1-3

b. Aim to please God, not men: 2:4-6

c. Do not be a burden to the listeners: 2:6-9

d. Care for the people as a mother: 2:7

e. Have an exemplary life: 2:10

f. Always be encouraging: 11:12

g. Speak the word of God: 2:13

5) Divine resources enable us to accomplish our task: 2:13-20

a. God's word is within us: 2:13

b. God's people are around us: 2:14-18

c. God's glory is before us: 2:19-20

6) Paul sought to make sure that the Thessalonian Christians had a sure faith and he longed for their stability: 3:1-13

7) The Life that pleases God: 4:1-18

a. Walk in all holiness: 4:3-8

b. Walk in harmony: 4:9-10

c. Walk in honesty: 4:11-12

d. Walk in hope of His coming: 4:13-18

8) The advantages of Christians because of the Second Coming of Jesus: 5:1-11

9) Practical instructions: 5:12-28



1) Key Verses: 1:11-2:2

2) Purpose: It is possible that the second letter deals with misconceptions that the Christians had about the Second

Coming of Jesus, which they may have gotten from the first letter; therefore, Paul seeks to straighten out their

understanding, so they will not only watch but also wait for the Lord's return.

3) Outline of the book:

a. God's righteous judgment on those who have afflicted and on those who have been afflicted: 1:3-12

b. Christ's second coming and some things which must precede that event: 2:1-12

c. Stand firm and hold to the teachings: 2:13-17

d. Paul's request for prayer and his confidence: 3:1-5

e. Do not be idle: 3:6-15

f. Paul's closing remarks: 3:16-18



1. No matter what is going on around us, keep living the Christian life: 2:13- 16 ( I ); 1:5-12 ( II )

2. We can grow as the Thessalonians did without anyone to help, except God and His word.

1) Paul had to leave Thessalonica immediately after the preaching of the gospel: Acts 17:1-10

2) Mature leadership would have been helpful, but none was there to provide guidance:

3) Still, the Christians grew in faith: 3:1-10

3. Be careful what your read and hear from God's word - do not go to extremes which God never intended. ( II Thessalonians)




1. List four (4) qualities of a good evangelist from Paul's example in I Thessalonians 2:1-13.







2. True or False:


______1) Paul wrote these letters to a church that he disliked.


______2) The first time the gospel came to Thessalonica, all the people of the city received it with joy, especially the Jews.


______3) Paul stayed in Thessalonica a long time on his first visit


______4) It would seem that both letters were written close together in time.


______5) Paul's gospel message to them in Acts 17 was about the importance of the law.


3. What enables us to accomplish our task as Christians?


4. What kind of life pleases God as presented by Paul in Chapter 4 of I Thessalonians.


5. Multiple Choice:


1) The main reason for 2 Thessalonians being written was:

a. To instruct women to keep silence in the church

b. to instruct the young men and women to show respect to the elderly.

c. to help correct the misunderstandings the Thessalonian church had concerning the second coming of Christ.


2) Before the second coming of Christ happens:

a. the Catholic church must be formed

b. certain signs must happen before it will occur

c. the 1000 year reign of Christ must occur


6. Read 2 Thessalonians 3. Name some practical ways that we can live in the world today as Christians.






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