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Lesson 15





        1. Author - Paul, the apostle: 1:1

        2. Date - Probably, the last letter Paul wrote before being executed by the Roman government in A.D. 65-66:   4:6-8

        3. Setting - Paul writes this 2nd letter to Timothy while the aging apostle is imprisoned in Rome.  Timothy has been in

            Ephesus for a while seeking to mature the saints and now Paul wants Timothy with him in Rome:  4:9,21



        1. Key Verses:  1:6-7, 13;  2:1-2,14-15;  3:14-15;  4:1-2

        2. Theme:  Timothy is instructed by the apostle Paul to continue steadfastly in the direction that Paul had already taken

            so that he may fulfill his ministry.  It appears that Timothy is being charged to continue the work that Paul had started

            because Paul is soon to die:  2:1-2;  4:5-8

        3. Paul's Instruction to Timothy to:

                1) Stir up his gift:  1:6-7

                2) Hold forth the gospel and do not be ashamed of it:  1:8-14

                3) Train other faithful men:  2:1-2

                4) Be willing to suffer hardship:  1:18;  2:3-13;  3:12;  4:5

                5) Charge the brethren to avoid vain words:  2:14-26

                6) Abide in the word:  3:14-17

                7) Proclaim the word:  4:1-4

                8) Fulfill his ministry:  4:5

        4. All of these instructions are applicable to anyone who seeks to be an evangelist:  2:24;  4:5



        1. We should have a spirit of power, love and discipline:  1:7

        2. Good works:

                1) To use God's word correctly we must do good works:  2:14

                2) To do good works we must quit arguing in vain:  2:14-16, 21-23

                3) The scriptures will equip us for every good work:  3:16-17

        3. True Life is revealed by the gospel:  1:10

                1) Jesus' life, death and resurrection make known to us what real life is actually like.

                2) Life is not understood without Jesus.

                3) Physical existence is not all there is to life.

        4. It is important to train our children in the faith:  1:5;  3:15

                1) Our faith as parents will be an example to our children.

                2) Teach our children from the word.

                3) Make sure that your faith is genuine because children can see a hypocrite very easily.

        5. Do not become entangled in matters of this life:  2:4

                1) You are a soldier of God.

                2) You may not receive the crown if you swerve away:  2:5

                3) Do not love this present world:  4:10

        6. Suffering will occur to all who live godly in Christ:  3:12

                1) This is also a promise of God!

                2) A good soldier is willing to suffer hardship with his captain:  2:3

                3) If we endure, we will reign with Christ:  2:12

                4) In our suffering, remember Jesus risen from the dead: 2:8-9

                5) Our enduring of suffering will prove our genuine faith:  2:19-21

                6) In suffering, we are following the example of Jesus and the example of Paul:  3:10-11

                7) This is our command as evangelists:  4:5

                8) The Lord will deliver us from all sufferings:  3:11


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