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Lesson 20






        1. Author - Peter, the apostle:  1:1;  5:12

        2. Date - About A.D. 60, apparently during or just previous to some major persecution that was taking place.

        3. Setting - This letter was written to Christians (both Jews 1:1 and Gentiles 2:10) in Asia Minor to stimulate in them a joyful

            hope in the face of coming persecution.  The destruction of Jerusalem would happen in less than 20 years.




        1. Key verses:  2:22-24;  4:19;  1:3-5

        2. Theme:  Our relationship in Christ should produce a joyful hope and a good conduct, even during suffering.

        3. Our Relationship With God:  1:3-12

                1) The great salvation that He has purchased:  1:3-12

                2) Be holy:  1:13-16

                3) Be reverent:  1:17-21

                4) Love one another fervently:  1:22-2:3

                5) You are a chosen race:  2:4-10

        4. Our Relationship With Men (Mankind):  2:11-3:12

                1) Submit yourselves to every human institution:  2:11-17

                2) Servants be submissive:  2:18-25

                3) Wives be submissive to your husbands:  3:1-6

                4) Husbands understand your wives:  3:7

                5) Unity:  3:8-12

        5. Our Relationship With Righteousness:  3:13-5:11

                1) Suffer for what you do good:  3:13-22

                2) Cease from sin - live according to God:  4:1-6

                3) Stewards of the grace of God:  4:7-11

                4) Rejoice in your suffering for well-doing:  4:12-19

                5) Be examples - be humble - be watchful:  5:1-11



        1. Considering what God has done for us through Christ, we should live in a way that demonstrates we are truly in communion

            with our Lord.

                1) Our holy way of life:  1:13-15;  2:11-12

                2) Respect authority:  2:13-17

                3) Have fervent love for each other:  1:22-23;  3:8-12

        2. We are a chosen people:  2:9-10

                1) Put away all that is evil:  2:1;  4:1-6

                2) Long for the spiritual milk (of the word):  2:2;  1:24-25

                3) Offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God:  2:5

                4) Accept Jesus for who He is:  2:6-8

                5) Show forth the greatness of God in our lives:  2:9

                6) Glory in being the people of God by His mercy:  2:10

        3. The Likeness of Our Baptism:  3:18-22

                1) It is portrayed by the flood in Noah's day:  3:20

                        a. Noah was obedient - this was the evidence of his faith.

                        b. The water saved Noah's family from the sin of the world (the ark only saved them from the flood).

                2) It is not the physical washing of our flesh:  3:21

                3) It is the appeal of a good conscience toward God:  3:21

                4) It is through the resurrection of Jesus Christ:  3:21

        4. Suffering as a Christian:  4:16

                1) Causes rejoicing when it proves our faith in Jesus:  1:6-7

                2) We have been begotten incorruptible:  1:23-25

                3) Only suffer for doing good:  2:19-20;  3:17;  4:15-16

                4) Take Christ as your example in suffering:  2:21-24

                        a. He did not take vengeance:  2:22-23

                        b. He entrusted himself to God during the suffering:  2:23

                5) Do not fear those who persecute you:  3:14-15

                6) Do not live according to the flesh any longer:  4:1-6

                7) During your suffering,, entrust your souls to God by continuing to do good:  4:19




1. Peter glories in God's great mercy and how it brought us salvation.  In a few questions, write down some things that you can

    brag about God and what He has done for you: 


2. List three (3) ways that our relationship with God can be shown:






3. Read 1 Peter 2:12.  What are some examples of excellent behavior that youcan live among the Hindus in order to glorify God?


4. True or False:


    _____ 1)   God wants us to submit to human governments.

    _____ 2)   Servants should disobey inconsiderate masters.

    _____ 3)   Wives ought to choose to be submissive to their husbands.

    _____ 4)   Husbands should always try to understand their wives.

    _____ 5)   Unity is not needed in the church of God.


5. Read 1 Peter 3:8-12.  Is this truly the way the church in India acts?  Personally, do you try to live in accordance with this?


6. In order to be holy, submissive, and resist worldly lust, who must we find for our example?  (Please give chapter and verse

     in 1 Peter).


7. Multiple Choice:


    1) Our baptism now saves us because:  (1Peter 3:32)


        a. It is the physical washing of the flesh

        b. It is an appeal to God through the resurrection of Jesus.

        c. It is the same water that God used in the flood.


    2) When we suffer as a Christian:


        a. Commit our souls to God by continuing to do good.

        b. We should try to escape those who hurt us.

        c. We ought to stop using that name.


8. In what ways do you "suffer as a Christian?"

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