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Lesson 21






        1. Author - Peter, the apostle:  1:1

        2. Date - A.D. 67 or later; somewhat later than the first letter Peter wrote. This is generally considered because of his

            reference to his death:  1:14

        3. Setting - Peter here is asserting the truth of God's word against the false teachers who are trying to destroy the faith

            of the saints.  It is unsure whether this letter is to the same group of Christians who received the first letter by Peter.



        1. Key verses:  3:17-18 (1:2-4,  19-21)

        2. Purpose:  Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, instead of falling to the errors of the false teachers.

        3. Outline of the book:

                1) Knowledge of God:  1:3-21

                        a. Become partakers of  the divine nature:  1:3-11

                        b. Apostles were eyewitnesses:  1:12-18

                        c. The word made more sure:  1:19-21

                2) False teachers:  2:1-22

                        a. Before there were false prophet; now there are false teachers: :1-3

                        b. God's wrath on the ancient world and grace for the godly: :4-10

                        c. Marks of the false teacher:  2:10-22

                                                                                                                                                                                                    3) The Coming of the Lord:  3:1-18

                        a. Scoffers and mockers:  3:1-4

                        b. The flood is a great warning:  3:5-9

                        c. The end of the earth:  3:10-13

                        d. Therefore, live holy lives:  3:14-18




        1. II Peter applies to all Christians in the world today:

                1) Beware of idolatry and false teachers - they only lead to destruction as in the old days:  2:1-22

                2) Hold fast to the word of God in the Bible:  1:19-21

                3) Follow the Lord Jesus Christ because He is our only Saviour:  1:10-11

                4) Examine the teachings, fruit, and lives of every teacher to see whether they are true or false.

        2. Spiritual Growth

                1) The Ingredients of Spiritual Growth:  1:3-21

                        a. These qualities:  faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, endurance godliness, brotherly kindness, love

                        b. They will cause you to be effective and productive.

                        c. They will help you to remember your past cleansing from sin.

                        d. They will give you the position in the kingdom where you will never fall.

                        e. Remember that our faith is based on sure evidence given to us by the Holy Spirit of God.

                2) Enemies of Spiritual Growth:  2:1-22

                        a. Any teacher who tries to lead us away from the Lord Jesus.

                        b. Remember God's judgment on the wicked of the past.

                        c. How to recognize a false teacher?  His nature revealed.

                        d. Remember - you can be lost again!

                3) Motivation for Spiritual Growth:  3:1-18

                        a. God will always keep all of His promises!

                        b. Remember the days of Noah - the same word today.

                        c. God wants all men to come to repentance.

                        d. This present earth will melt away and a new dwelling place  for God's people will be given.

                        e. It will come like a thief in the night.

                        f.  Therefore, continue in your holy lives and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

        3. Is there unconditional security for every Christian?

                1) Peter says we must do these things in order to make our calling and election sure, and because of that we will never

                    fall:  1:10-11

                2) Peter continually reminds them because they do not have the possibility of being deceived and falling:  1:12-21

                3) Peter says that we can go into a worse condition after having known Jesus if we fall away from Him:  2:20-22




1. How has God's divine power given us all we need?


2. List the eight (8) virtues (1:5-7) and briefly describe them:


    1) Faith -
















3. Who were eyewitnesses of Jesus Christ mentioned in 1 Peter 1:16?


4. Name some revealing marks of a false teacher:  (see 1 Peter 2)


5. What is the future for this present world?  (give chapter and verse)


6. What is the future for Christians?  (give chapter and verse)


7. God does not want anyone to ___________________, but he wants ____________________ men to come to repentance.


8. How should we be living when Jesus returns?


9. "But grow in the _________________ and _______________ of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."


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