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Lesson 6




        1. Author - The apostle Paul:  1:1

        2. Date - probably A.D. 55-57 from Corinth (Romans  16)

        3. Setting - Paul wrote because he could not come to them.  The church in Rome was made up of both Jew and Gentile

            Christians.  Because of Paul's background, he is best qualified to present a Jewish Messiah to a proud Gentile audience.

            Paul was taught by Gamaliel (Acts 22).



        1. Key Verse:  1:16-17 (the gospel is the only power to save)

        2. Purpose: The simple purpose of the book was to present the gospel of Christ to the Roman church again.

        3. Paul presents 5 areas for the Roman church to consider and change based on obvious questions with answers.

                1) Doctrine of Sin:  1:18-3:23 - All have sinned and are lost

                2) Doctrine of Salvation:  3:26-5:21 - All can be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

                3) Doctrine of Sanctification:  6:1-8:39 - How grace works in the context of sin and law.

                4) Doctrine of Selection:  9:1-11:36 - Do not forget that the  Gentiles are grafted into the stock, but salvation is

                    through the Jews.

                5) Doctrine of Service:  12:1-15:13 - Yes Saved, saved to serve!!



        1. Three questions answered by Paul that many people today ask about the  "Law of Grace."

                1) If saved by grace, then does grace encourage sin:  6:1-14 Answer - No!

                2) If saved by grace, then does grace allow the sinning you want?    6:15-7:6    Answer - NO!!

                3) If saved by grace, then grace must make law sinful and useless:  7:7-25    Answer - No!!

        2. Romans applies to us today.  It presents:

                1) The Need:  all have sinned and need to be justified.  Not works of law, rather by faith.

                2) The Supply:  only from God through Jesus Christ.

                3) The Benefits:  Peace, no fear of condemnation, no fear of frustration and no fear because God will protect and

                    preserve.  Romans 8

        3. Key Words:

                1) Law:  a code of deeds and observances, where only one violation condemns.

                2) Pardon:  only way sin can be erased;  accounted as righteous

                3) Justification:  biblical word for pardon:  made right.




1. True or False:


    _____1)   The writer of the Roman letter is Timothy.


    _____2)   One reason Paul wrote this letter to the Roman Church was because he might not be able to come in person.


    _____3)   The Roman Church consisted of both Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians.


    _____4)   Some people have never sinned.


    _____5)   Grace must make law useless and sinful.



2. Multiple Choice


    1) Paul was a good choice to write the Roman church because:


        a. He lived close to Rome and  could get there quickly

        b. he knew everyone personally, so they would listen to him

        c. he understood both the Gentile world and the Jewish world


    2) The probable date of the letter to the Romans was:


        a. 55-57 A.D.

        b. 65-68 A.D.

        c. 99-100 A.D.


    3) Acts 22 shows that Paul was taught personally by:


        a. King David

        b. Gamaliel

        c. Ronald Reagan


3. Who are we to serve once we are Christians?


4. Name three (3) commonly asked questions that Paul answers in Romans.






5. Does Romans apply to us today?  If so, how?


6. What are we saved by (according to the book of Romans?)

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