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lesson 18






       1. Author - Solomon: 1:1; 12;  7:27;  12:8-10

       2. Date - about 935 B.C., late in Solomon's life

       3. Setting - The king in Jerusalem surveys his life and then gives his conclusion about the true purpose of life.



       1. Key Verses:  1:3;  2:24;  12:13-14

       2. Theme:  Life under the sun, that is life on this earth, is full of vanity because the things of this world are not eternal:  therefore,              we need to live wisely in this world.  We should fear God and keep His commandments.

             1) Our toil and striving after the things of this world are vain (useless): 1:21 - 6:12

                    a. All the works that are done under the sun are vanity:  1:14-15

                    b. Even the gaining of wisdom produces sorrow:  1:16-18

                    c.    Striving after pleasure is vanity:  2: 1-23

                    d. Hard work for selfish purposes is vanity:  4:4-8

                    e.    Wealth is vanity:  5:13-17;  6:1-2

                    f. Life without goodness is vanity:  6:3-6

             2) How to live in this world:  7:1 - 12:8

                    a.    Live wisely:  7:11-14

                    b. Submit to authority:  8:1-8

                    c.    Seek to understand God's judgments:  8:10 - 9:6

                    d. Enjoy life as you have opportunity:  9:7-10

                    e.    Allow wisdom to cause you to be generous:  11:1-2

                    f. Heed the advice to the young:  11:9 -12:8

             3) Conclusion:  "Fear God and keep His commandments":  7:18;  11:9 12:13-14



       1. Need for a savior - 7:20

       2. Words of wisdom are like well-driven nails, given by "One Shepherd." - 12:11

       3. God has put serenity in the hearts of men - 3:11.  Through Adam we have our fleshly existence, but through Christ we

           have    spiritual life - Romans 5:12-21 uselessness of seeking the things of this earth.  Through Christ we can see the

           fruitfulness of seeking "the things that are above, where Christ is..."  (Col.3:1-4)



       1. Life based on the things of this earth is vain

             1) We can not know the future:  6:12

             2) There is no satisfaction in worldly goods:  5:10-11

             3) Death ends our control of things on this earth:  2:15-23

             4) Wealth with the opportunity to enjoy it is a gift from God:  5:18-20

       2. God is the source of every good gift

             1) Contentment is God's gift:  2:24-25

             2) God's purpose for us is good and beautiful:  3:10-13

             3) God's gifts are eternal:  3:14

             4) God has a purpose for adversity:  7:14





True or False


1.    _____ Since life in this world is full of vanity, it doesn't mater what we do in this life.


2.    _____ Wisdom is the greatest thing man can get.


3.    _____ Man can completely understand the work that is done under the sun.


4.    _____ Worldly  goods will give us satisfaction in this life.


Fill in the blanks


5. Life on this earth is vain because the things of this world are not ____________________.


6. Live joyfully with the ______________ who you __________ all the days of  your ________________________.


7. In chapter 7:20 Solomon says that all men are __________________.


8. Whatever God does, it shall be _____________ , __________________ can be added to it, and _______________________ taken

    from it.  (3:14)


9. The whole duty of man is to _____________ God and ___________ His _______________.


10.  Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your ________________________.



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