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lesson 19





   1. Author - Solomon:  1:1;  5:  3:7;  9;  11;  9:11-12

   2. Date - about 965 B.C., early in the reign of Solomon before his "wives turned his heart after other God's":  1 Kings 11:4

   3. Setting - Jerusalem, the king's house, the bride's village and the vineyards of  Solomon.



   1. Key Verses:  1:2;  4:10-12;  7:10;  8:7

   2. Theme:  A song about the love between Solomon and a virgin shepherd girl who was tending one of his vineyards,

        showing the beauty and strength of love between husband and wife.  This relationship was ordained by God and used

        to illustrate the relationship of Christ and the church.  See Ephesians 5:30-33

          1)   The beginning of love:  1:2 - 4:15

                 a. Solomon and the shulamite praise each other:  1:2 - 2:17

                 b. Dream of the bride:  3:1-5

                 c.    Wedding procession:  3:6-11

                 d. Praise of the bride's beauty and virginity:  4:1-15

          2)   Consummation of the marriage:  4:1-15

          3)   Dream of distress:  5:2-8

          4)   Love grows:  5:10 - 8:14

                 a. Bride praises husband:  5:10-16

                 b. Statement of oneness:  6:2-3

                 c. Husband praises bride:  6:4-10;  7:1-9

                 d. Bride's commitment to her husband:  7:10 - 8:14




   The church as the bride of Christ:  ch. 6:3;  2 Corinthians 11:2;  Ephesians 5:25-33;  Revelation 21:9




   Love between husband and wife is beautiful and holy.

          1)   God ordained the physical union:  Gen. 1:28;  2:18;  21-25; 

          2)   Love is a growing process that takes effort, appreciation and praise:  Song of Solomon 5:10 - 8:14

          3)   Faithfulness is necessary if love is to grow:  Song 8:16

          4)   Love is not a thing to be ashamed of but can be proclaimed and sung:  1:1




1. Song of Solomon shows that love between husband and wife is:

   a. .Shameful

   b. Not exciting

   c. Beautiful and joyful


2. The Shulamite speaks of Solomon's love as better than ____________.


3. "I am dark, but lovely" is spoken about Solomon.  True or False


4. Solomon speaks of his beloved as being perfect.  True or False  (4:7)


5. A garden enclosed, a spring shut up, and a fountain sealed are descriptions of Solomon's spouse at the time of his marriage. 

    True or False  (3:11;  4:12)


6. God is jealous for His people.  True or False


7. The relationship of Christ to the church is compared to the relationship  between husband and wife.

    True or False


8. Many __________________ cannot quench _________________. (8:7)


9. For ________________ is as strong as _______________. (8:6)


10. The husband does not praise the wife's physical beauty in the Song of Solomon.

       True or False



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