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lesson 10






            1. Genesis 3:14-15- The suffering of Jesus pronounced by God.

            2. Isaiah 53- Jesus' suffering for the sins of the world foretold.

            3. Psalms 22- The scenes of the cross foretold by the prophet David.



II. MAIN THEME:  Jesus came to this world to save sinners.  Forsaken by all, Jesus faced the terrible death on the cross alone, bearing the sins of the world.  The cross became both a terrible picture of the price of sin and a beautiful picture of God's supreme love.

            1. Prophecies of the cross.

                        a. Suffering foretold by God, Genesis 3:14-15.

                        b. Purpose of suffering seen by Isaiah, Isaiah 53.

                        c. Scenes of the cross by David, Psalms 22.

            2. The suffering of the cross.

                        a. Betrayed by Judas, Luke 22:3-6, 47-53; John 18:1-12.

                        b. Forsaken by His disciples, Luke 22:31-34, 54-62; Mark 14:43-50.

                        c. Tortured physically, John 19:1-3; 17-18; Mark 15:15-25.

                        d. Mocked and verbally abused, Mark 15:29-32; Mat 27:27-31;38-44.

                        e. Seeing His mother suffering, John 19:25-27.

                        f. Knowing His innocence, John 18:28-19:12; Isaiah 53:7-12.

                        g. Separated from the Father, Mat 27:46.

            3. The necessity of the cross.

                        a. Prophecy by Caiaphas, John 11:47-52; 18:14.

                        b. To remove the penalty of sin, John 3:16; Rom 3:21-26; 5:6-21; Isaiah 53:11.

                        c. To open the way to God, John 6:51-56; Rom 8:1-11;Eph 2:13-16.

            4. The glory of the cross.

                        a. A powerful demonstration of God's love, John 3:16-17; 12:24, 32-33.

                        b. Chosen by Jesus because of love, John 1:11, 17-18; Mark 14:35-36.

                        c. Demonstrated Jesus' faith, Luke 23:46; Heb 5:9; 10:9-10; 12:2.




            1. We need to follow the example of Jesus in being willing to suffer in order to

                accomplish God's will, 1 Pet 2:19-24; Mat 5:10; James 1:2-12; 2 Cor 4:1-18.

            2. We need to have a faith like Jesus, willing to completely surrender our will to

                God, Luke 23:46; Mat 26:38-39; John 8:28-29; Heb 12:1-4.

            3. We need to give ourselves for others as Jesus did, Luke 9:23-26; John 13:12-17;

                Mat 28:20; Mark 16:15; I Cor 2:2.

            4. Remember that we are saved through faith in Jesus, and not through our own

                works of righteousness, Phil 3:8-10; Rom 4:4-8; Eph 2:8; 2 Tim 1:8-10.

            5. True faith will always be demonstrated by works of obedience, Luke 2:51;

                John 19:3, James 2:14-26; Heb 5:9; Phil 2:5-16.

            6. Today we are not saved like the thief on the cross, but through the gospel,

                Luke 23:39-43; Rom 1:16; 1 Cor 15:1-4.




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