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lesson 6






            1. Exodus 19:1-8- Israel agreed to keep God's covenant and be a holy people.

            2. Exodus 19:9-25- God demonstrated His presence upon Mount Sinai.

            3. Exodus 20:1-17-. God spoke with Moses and gave him the Law.



II. MAIN THEME:  God revealed Himself to the people of Israel and made a covenant with them that they should be a holy people, different from all other nations on earth.  The Law given through Moses was a covenant written in stone with ordinances to keep that would make the one who kept them holy.  The tent of worship was given as a place where God's presence would be realized in a special way, and where sacrifices and offerings would be made to God.

            1. God revealed Himself to His people.

                        a. In the cloud and in the pillar of fire, Exodus 13:17-22.

                        b. By the bread from heaven, Exodus 16:4-6, 27-35.

                        c. By demonstrating His power and glory on Mount Sinai, Exodus 19:16-20.

                        d. Through Moses who received the Law from God, Exodus 24:9-18; 31:18.

            2. God gave the Law through Moses.

                        a. It was a law written in stone by God, Exodus24:12; 32:16; 35:27-28.

                        b. It was recorded in a book by Moses, Exodus 24:3-8.

                        c. It is worthy of praise, Ps 119:1-16; Romans 7:7-13.

                        d. It produced righteousness in those who kept it, Deut 6:24-25; Rom 2:13.

            3. Israel failed to keep God's Law.

                        a. Israel complained continuously, Exo 15:22-16:20; 1 Cor 10:5-11.

                        b. Israel worshipped an idol while Moses was on Sinai, Exodus 32.

                        c. All but Joshua and Caleb died in the wilderness, Num 26:63-65; Deut 1:39.

            4. God was with His people.

                        a. In the tabernacle, Exodus 25:8-22; 40:34-38.

                        b. To show His power through His people, Deut 4:1-14; 24-40.

                        c. Because of His love and His promises, Deut 4:37-40; Rom 9:4-5.




            1. Israel under the Law shows what happens when people depend on their

                ability to keep law for righteousness, Rom 3:19-20; 7:7-14; Gal 3:10-14.

            2. The Law was a tutor to bring us to Christ, Gal 3:19-29; Col 2:11-17.

            3. The law of Christ is a different kind of covenant than the Law of Moses,

                Jer 31:31-34; Col 2:20-23; Gal 4:1-7; Rom 8:1-4.

            4. Our righteousness must come through faith in Jesus Christ, Rom 4:14-25

                Philippians 3:8-14.

            5. True faith always produces obedience, Rom 6:17; James 2:14-26; Phil 2:14-15.




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