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lesson 2




1.     At the creation and in the preservation of life


        The Holy Spirit…

                a.     Was there at the creation, moving over the waters Gen 1:2

                b.     Gave life to man Gen 2:7                     

                c.     Participated in the creation Ps 33:6

                d.     Preserves life Ps 104:27-30



2.     The Spirit empowered some men of the Old Testament so they could do special    work to serve God


        The Holy Spirit gave…

                a.     Men the ability to fulfill their responsibilities in the tabernacle - Ex 31:3

                b.     Gideon the ability to free God’s people from their enemies - Jdg 6:34

                c.     Jephthah the ability to conquer many enemies - Jdg 11:29-33

                d.     Samson super-human strength Jdg 13:25,14:6, 19, 15:14-15

                e.     David      the ability to serve as King - 1 Sam 16:13

                f.      Zechariah the ability to declare God’s message-2 Chr 24:20      


Note that…

a.        The Holy Spirit empowered these chosen people for a limited time; He could have withdrawn his presence

and power - 1 Sam 16:14; Ps 51:11

b.       The Old Testament tells us that a Messiah, empowered by the Holy Spirit was yet to come - Is 11:2, 42:1, 61:1. 

the Spirit would then be poured out upon all people     - Joel 2:28


3.     The Holy Spirit inspired the prophets


a.        Some prophets recognized that they spoke as inspired by the Spirit of God - 1 Sam 19:20; Is 48:16; Ez 11:5; Mic 3:8

b.     Peter recognized that the prophets spoke as directed by the Holy Spirit - 2 Pet 1:21



        The Holy Spirit as a being does not appear for the first time in the New Testament; He was at work in Old Testament times. 

in the Old Testament, His work was mainly in these three areas:


                a.     Inspiring the prophets

                b.     Giving ability to people to do God’s work

                c.     The Creation


Memory verse:  2 Pet 1:21





1.     T     F      The Holy Spirit worked in exactly the same way during Old Testament times as He works today.                                                                                                                              

2.     T    F      The Holy Spirit inspired the Old Testament prophets only while they were writing the Old Testament.                                    


3.      Give three examples of the Holy Spirit giving power to men in the Old  Testament.


4.     In what three areas did the Holy Spirit work during Old Testament times?



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