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lesson 7





        Today there is a lot of confusion concerning these two concepts.  In this lesson we are going to examine what the Bible

        says about these.


1. What is "Baptism" in the Holy Spirit?


                a. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the pouring out of the Holy Spirit  - Acts 1:4-5,8, 2:1-4,14-21, 10:44-45, 11:15-17

                        1. John said that Jesus was going to baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire - Mt 3:11

                        2. Jesus promised His apostles a baptism with the Spirit - Acts 1:5

                        3. Peter identified what was occurring that day of Pentecost as the outpouring of  the Spirit as had been promised

                            in Joel - Acts 2:16ff

                        4. From Acts 1:4-5 and 2:33 one sees that the promises of the baptism in the Spirit  and the pouring out of the

                            Holy Spirit were the same promise.

                b. Jesus baptized in the Holy Spirit - Mt 3:11

        c. Baptism in the Holy Spirit then, is the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, as promised by Joel, John the Baptizer, and Jesus.


2. What is "to be filled" with the Holy Spirit?


                a. There is no promise that the Christian is going to be filled with the Holy Spirit

        b. There are examples of Christians "filled" with the Holy Spirit:  Acts 4:8,31, 13:9, 13:52.  The idea is that they were under

            the influence of the Spirit

        c. To be filled with the Holy Spirit is a commandment - Eph 5:18.  This shows being filled with the Spirit is not a blessing

            reserved for a special group but rather is a commandment to be obeyed by all - to be filled with the Spirit is to be

            controlled by Him.. It is similar to the alcoholic being controlled by alcohol -cf. Eph 5:18.  In this way the Spirit

            accomplishes His will in us; this is seen by the evidence of His fruit - Gal 5:22 - to be filled with the Spirit is not

            receiving more of Him but rather occurs when He takes more control of us and our lives


3. What keeps us from being filled with the Spirit?

        It is possible to quench the Spirit (put out His fire) - 1 Ths 5:19.  When we quench the Spirit, we restrict His influence

        in our lives, limit His ability to do what He wants to do in us.  In order to avoid quenching the Spirit in our lives, we should:


                a. Offer ourselves completely to God Rom 12:1-2, 6:13

                b. Renew each day our commitment to God  Rom 12:2



        All Christians have been baptized by one Spirit into one body, and therefore, have received the Holy Spirit to dwell within

        them.  Having the Holy Spirit within us, we should do all that is possible to let Him influence, have control over our lives. 

        This is to be filled with the Spirit.  In that way we find true joy in this life, and at the same time, live in such a way that we

        please God and attract others to His Kingdom.


Memory Verse:  Eph 5:18




1.     T     F      Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit are the same thing.                    


2.     T     F      Only the apostles have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.


3.     T     F      All Christians should wait for a second blessing of the Spirit that is called  the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


4.     T     F      We have all received a portion of the Spirit, but we should receive even more of Him in order to be filled by Him.


5. What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?


6. How does the believer benefit from being filled with the Holy Spirit?


7. How is it possible to impede being filled with the Spirit?

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