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lesson 9






     1. Philippians 3:18 - What happened at the cross creates enemies of the cross.

     2. John 3:14-21 - They become enemies because the light of the cross exposes

                their sin.

     3. John 12:32-33 - .The cross can also attract and create friends of the cross

     4. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 - People become enemies because they are looking for

                 power and wisdom for themselves.

     5. Acts 9:1-19 - Even enemies of the cross can be honestly seeking God, and He can

         change them!



II. MAIN THEME - Enemies and friends of the cross live in observably different ways.

     1. Enemies of the cross can be identified by:

           a. Appetites that control them so strongly they become "gods" - Philippians 3:19.

           b. Glorying in shameful things - Philippians 3:19, ie evil doers - 3:2.

           c. Minds set on earthly things - Philippians 3:19; Ephesians 4:30-32, 5:3-10.

           d. Putting confidence in the flesh - Philippians 3:2-3.

           e. Being opposed to friends of the cross - Philippians 1:28.

     2. Friends of the cross can be identified by:

           a. Christ-like attitudes and actions - Philippians 2:5-8.

           b. Glorying in Christ Jesus - Philippians 3:3.

           c. Minds set on heavenly things - Philippians 3:20-21.

           d. Confidence put in Christ - Philippians 3:3-12, not in heritage, reputation,

               possessions, and other things of this world.

           e. A willingness to suffer the loss of all things - Philippians 3:8-9.

           f. A hope in Christ's past, present and future work - Philippians 3:9,12,21, 1:6, 2:13

     3. Enemies of the cross can look forward to destruction - Philippians 1:28, 3:19.

     4. Friends of the cross can look forward to:

           a. Being with Christ, ie being saved - Philippians 1:23, 28.

           b. Christ transforming our humble bodies into His glory - Philippians 3:21.

           c. Being lights, reflecting Christ's glory - Philippians 2:15.




     1. Don't envy the enemy's successes, God will destroy them - Philippians 1:28, 3:19.

     2. Don't imitate or fall under their deceptions, but rather live as friends of the cross -

         Philippians 3:17.

     3. Rejoice and give thanks that some of what the enemies of the cross do is good, even

         though their motives are evil - Philippians 1:15-18.

     4. Put your confidence in, and obey Christ, because of what he has done, is doing,

                  and will do for his  friends - Philippians 1:6,11, 2:7-8, 27, 3:9-12, 21, 4:5-7,13, 23.

     5. Don't hate the enemies of the cross, pray for them - Luke 23:34.

     6. Be alert, the enemies may come:

       a. From within the church - Acts 20:28-32.

       b. From outside the church disguised as messengers of light - 2 Corinthians 11:13-15



IV. MEMORY VERSES - Philippians 3:18-19

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