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lesson 9





ACTS 15:36-21:14




                A..   They Decided To Revisit The Christians Converted Where They Had Preached

                        On The First Missionary Voyage - Acts 15:36

                B.    They Had A Serious Disagreement:  Barnabas Wanted To Take Along John Mark;

                        Paul Didn't Want To Take Him Since He Had Deserted Them - Acts 15:37-38

                C.    Barnabas And Mark Went To Cyprus; Paul And Silas Went To Syria And Cilicia -

                        Acts 15:39-41




                A.    Paul's Vision - Acts 16:6-10

                        1.     The Spirit wouldn't let Paul and Barnabas enter Asia or Bithynia - Acts 16:6-7

2.        Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia begging them to come over and help

them.  They concluded that God was calling them to preach the gospel in

Macedonia - Acts 16:9-10

                B.    Paul And Silas In Philippi - Acts 16:11-40

                        1.     They found, taught, and baptized Lydia - Acts 16:11-15

                        2.     They encountered a slave girl possessed by a spirit - Acts 16:16-19

a.        The girl, a source of money for her owners due to her fortune-telling,

followed Paul and Silas proclaiming that they were preaching the way

of salvation - Acts 16:16-17

                                b.     Paul caused the spirit to leave her - Acts 16:18

                                c.     The girls' owners seized Paul and Silas, taking them before the authorities

where they were beaten and jailed - Acts 16:19-23

                        3.     The encounter with the jailer - Acts 16:24-40

a.        At midnight, while Paul and Silas sang hymns and prayed, an earthquake

caused all the prisoners to be freed from their chains - Acts 16:25-26

b.       The jailer, about to kill himself, was stopped by Paul and Silas who preached

the good news to him and his house and baptized them - Acts 16:27-34

c.        Paul and Silas, Roman citizens, were freed from the jail, and after encouraging

the Christians, they left Philippi - Acts 16:35-40




        A.    Paul And Silas Preached The Gospel In Thessalonica In The Synagogue - Acts 17:1-4

                1.     Some Jews and many Greeks believed - Acts 17:4

                2.     The Jews stirred up the city against the believers - Acts 17:5-9

        B.    Paul And Silas Left At Night For Berea Where They Also Preached The Gospel In

                The Synagogue - Acts 17:10-15

                1.     The Jews eagerly received the gospel, examining the scripture to see if what

                        Paul said was true - Acts 17:11

                2.     Many Jews and Greeks believed - Acts 17:12

                3.     The Jews from Thessalonica stirred up those of Berea, but Paul escaped to   

Athens - Acts 17:13-15


IV.   ATHENS - ACTS 17:17-34

        A.    While Waiting For Timothy And Silas, Paul Became Distressed Upon Seeing The City Full

Of Idols - Acts 17:16

1.        This caused him to reason in the synagogue with Jews and the God-fearing Greeks

and in the marketplace - Acts 17:17

                        2.     He also taught the philosophers in the Areopagus, speaking about repentance

                                and the resurrection - Acts 17:18-32

        B.    Some Believed - Acts 17:34



V.    PAUL IN CORINTH - ACTS 18:1-17

        A.    Paul Found Aquila And Priscilla, Worked With Them And Went To The Synagogue

                On The Sabbath To Persuade The People, Jew And Greek - Acts 18:1-4

        B.    Because Of The Opposition Of The Jews, Paul Decided To Reach Out To The Gentiles,

Starting From The House Of Titius Justus, Next Door To The Synagogue - Acts 18:6-7

        C.    After Receiving Confirmation From The Lord Through A Vision That He Should Continue

Preaching In Corinth, Paul Stayed A Year And A Half There - Acts 18:11

                        1.     Many believed and were baptized, including the ruler of the synagogue, Crispus - Acts 18:8

                2.     The Jews united against Paul and took him before the proconsul, Gallio - Acts 18:12

                3.     But none of their accusations mattered to the proconsul since they did not

                        involve the civil law - Acts 18:14-17



VII.  PAUL IN EPHESUS - ACTS 18:19-19:41

  1. Paul Returned To Antioch Of Syria, But After A Time Decided To Go To The Regiones Of

Galatia And Phrygia To Strengthen The Disciples - Acts 18:22-23

        B.    Apollos Preached In Ephesus - Acts 18:24-28

                        1.     He had a thorough knowledge of the scriptures and accurately taught about         Jesus although

he only knew the baptism of John - Acts 18:24-25

2.        Priscilla and Aquila took him to their home and explained to him the way of the Lord more

accurately - Acts 18:26

                        3.     Apollos went to Achaia where he was a great help to the Christians - Acts 18:27-28

        C.    Paul Found Some Believers In Ephesus - Acts 19:1-7

                        1.     They had only received the baptism of John - Acts 19:1-3

3.        Paul baptized them in the name of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit came upon them when Paul placed

his hands upon them - Acts 19:5-7

        D     Paul Preached In Ephesus - Acts 19:8-41

                        1.     He began by preaching the gospel in the synagogue - Acts 19:8

2.        When some spoke publicly against the Way, Paul left the synagogue and took the disciples

with him to the lecture hall of Tyrannus where he had discussions daily for two years - Acts 19:9-10

                        3.     All of the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord during that time, and   God did wonderful

miracles through Paul - Acts 19:10-12

                        4.     The word of the Lord spread widely through all this - Acts 19:13-20

        E.     The Riot In Ephesus - Acts 19:23-41

                        1.     Some who made shrines feared that they were going to lose business due to         the teachings of

Paul - Acts 19:23-28

                        2.     There was great confusion and a riot in the city - Acts 19:29-34

                        3.     The city clerk calmed down the people - Acts 19:35-41




A.      He Visited And Encouraged The People - Acts 20:2

B.    When The Jews Made A Plot Against Him As He Was About To Sail For Syria, He Returned

Through Macedonia - Acts 20:3



                A.    Paul Spoke To The Christians On The First Day Of The Week In Troas - Acts 20:6-12

B.       While In Miletus, Paul Called Together The Elders Of The Church Of Ephesus In Order To Exhort

Them - Acts 20:17-36

C.       He Bids Them Farewell, Prays, And They Were Grieved Because He Told Them He Would Not

See Them Again - Acts 20:36-38


CONCLUSION -   Because Paul and Barnabas Separated, They Were Actually Able To Do More Than Before

Because They Had Doubled Their Efforts.  Paul Was Able To Visit New Areas Where He

Evangelized The People And Established The Church In Those Areas.  In This Way The

Church Extended Even Into Europe.


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