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lesson 14






                1. 1 Timothy 1:3-7- Command others that they avoid disputes about law, and pursue faith.

                2. 1 Tim 6:20-21- Foolish talking about human wisdom does not show knowledge.

                3. 2 Timothy 2:14-26- The Lord's servant must refuse ignorant controversy and be

                                ready for good works.

                4. Titus 3:8-11- Avoid fightings about the law because they are vain.


II. MAIN THEME- Evangelists must avoid foolish controversies, arguments about law and human wisdom, and pursue godly edification by teaching the doctrine of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

                1. Some reasons why young evangelists often get involved in empty and foolish

                                questionings and controversies:

                                a. They desire to be teachers of law because they believe that mankind

                                    will be saved by law-keeping, 1 Tim 1:3-11; Titus 1:14; Col 2:16-23.

                                b. They believe godliness is promoted by arguing about what they have learned

    from the word, 1 Tim 4:6-8; 6:3-6; I Cor 14:36-37; Gal 5:13-15.

                                c. They believe controversy is good, Titus 3:8-10; 1:16; 2 Tim 2:14-16.

                2. Some types of foolish controversies:

                                a. Strife about genealogies, 1 Tim 1:4; Titus 3:9.

                                b. Fightings about law, 1 Tim 1:6-8; Titus 3:9.

                                c. Striving about words, 2 Tim 2:14; 1 Tim 6:3-4.

                                d. Strife about human wisdom, 1 Tim 6:20-21; Col 2:16-23.

                3. Some results of worthless arguing:

                                a. It produces more questions (no answers), 1 Tim 1:4.

                                b. It works against true godliness, 1 Tim 4:6-8; 6:3-5.

                                c. It promotes false knowledge and distorts truth, 1 Tim 6:20.

                                d. It undermines the faith of some, 2 Tim 2:14; Titus 1:10-16; 3:9-11.

                4. Some actions to take to avoid ungodly arguments:

                                a. Teach others not to get involved, 1 Tim 1:3-5; 4:7; 6:20-21.

                                b. Promote teachings that edify and build up, 1 Tim 6:3-8; 2 Tim 2:15.

                                c. Admonish and then avoid contentious men, Titus 3:10-11.



                1. Be content with what you know God has done through Christ and maintain

                                your good works based on this, Titus 3:4-8; Gal 5:4.

                2. Do not think you have to defend your knowledge of the scriptures, but rather

                                show your faith and dependence in Jesus Christ, 1 Tim 6:20-21; 1 Cor 2:2.

                3. Do good works to show your faith instead of fighting about words and laws,

                                1 Tim 1:5-7; 4:6-8.



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