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lesson 10

Don’t Make Harsh Judgments



1.       Pr 15:1, 18:19 - Harsh words and harsh judgments are destructive.

2.       Mat 7:1-5 – Expect God to judge you as you judge family members.

3.       Rom 14:4, 10 – Why do you look down on your brother or sister?

4.       Eph 6:4 – Do not provoke your children to anger.


II.       MAIN THEME – Harsh judgments disrupt family life. God’s rules for conduct apply to family relationships.

1.       Harsh judgments within the family cause serious problems.

a.  They cause anger, stubbornness, and disputes, Pr 15:1, 18:19.

b. They bring harsh judgment upon ourselves, Mat 7:1-5.

c.  They demonstrate a lack of confidence in God to judge things, Rom 14:10.

d. They produce confused and exasperated children who are unsure of their value to parents and to God, Eph 6:4, Mar 10:14-16.

2.       Necessary discipline must be delivered in the context of loving correction.

a.  It should be directed at the problem, and explained, Mar 8:33, 9:33-37.

b. It yields good fruit when one is trained by it, Heb 12:9-11.

c.  Failure to discipline brings disaster, 1 Sam 3:12-14.

3.       Jesus is the one in charge of judgment.

a.  His judgments are just and beneficial, Rom 14:4, Jn 5:22-23.

b. Jesus was kind in his treatment of sinners, Luk 7:36-50, Jn 8:1-11.

c.  He was patient with his stumbling disciples, Luk 9:37-43.

d. He was not harsh to the disciples who denied Him, Jn 21:15-21.



1.     Recognize that harsh judgments are very destructive within the family relationships, Pr 18:19, 2 Sam 6:16, 20.

2.     Strive to give gentle answers, Pr 15:1, I Cor 13:4-8.

3.     Always look for good in family members, Php 4:8.

4.     Let love, kindness and forgiveness temper necessary discipline, Eph 4:31-32.

5.     Treat your family members as you would the Lord, Mat 25:37-40.



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