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lesson 11






                1.  Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 37:24-28 - the prophets spoke of a new covenant to come.

                2.    Matthew 9:14-17 - Jesus spoke of the old and the new.

                3.   Luke 22:20 - Jesus said the new covenant was brought in with the shedding of his blood.

                4.  2 Corinthians 3:5-6; Galatians 4:21-31 - Paul wrote of a new covenant, one of life and freedom.

                6.  Hebrews 9:1, 6, 9, 14 - This chapter is about worshipping God.

                7.  The "old" way of worshipping God is described as:  the first - :1,15,18; the earthly - :1; a

                      symbol - :9; temporary (implied) - :10; made with hands,   of human origin (implied) - :11;

                      old (implied) - :15; copies - :23-24.

                8.  The "new" way is described as:  the good, the greater, the more perfect, not made with

                      hands,   of divine origin - :11; new - :15; heavenly, better - :23; the true one - :24.


 II. MAIN THEME: Hebrews 9 - According to Hebrews 9, a change of covenant has come.  We can now worship God with a clear conscience, because of what Christ has done.

                1. The change of covenant has happened.  It is:

                                a.  A time of reformation - :10.  "to correct, a complete rectification, reformation; Acts 24:2.

                                b.  The consummation of the ages - :26.  "signifies a bringing to completion together",

                                c.  The "old" is past - "had regulations" is past tense - 9:1.

                                d.  The "new" is come - "He is the mediator of a new covenant - 9:15.

                2.  The change of covenant affects worship.

                                a.  In the first covenant only the priests offered sacrifices - 9:6.

                                b.  Only one person, the high priest, was allowed into the Most Holy Place once a year - 9:6-7.

                                c.  Now, all Christians can offer sacrifices to the living God - 9:14; Romans 12:1

                                d.  This worship is a daily way of life, not a once a year or weekly ritual - 9:14; Romans 12:2.

                                e.  This daily worship is possible because each believer has been made perfect or clean in conscience - 9:9, 14.

                3.  The change of covenant, from old to new, has taken place because the Christ died.

                                a.  A testament takes effect when a death occurs - 9:15-17.

                                b.  The old covenant was established with the death of animals - 9:18-20.

                                c.  Christ shed his unblemished blood - 9:11-12.

                                d.  Therefore we can be cleansed and able to worship God with a clear conscience - 9:13-14, 23.



      1.  How will you choose to worship, in an old, inferior way, relying on humans; or through Jesus, relying on the sinless one?

                2.  You should have a clear conscience, draw near to God joyfully - 9:14.

                3.   You have the promise of an eternal inheritance, so lay aside greed/covetousness - 9:15.

                4.   You have been forgiven, live gratefully - 9:22.

                5.   You have been made priests, worship/serve the living God in holiness - 9:14.

                6.   Whatever the circumstances, live with hope, not despair, eagerly awaiting Christ to return bringing

                      salvation - 9:28.


 IV. MEMORY VERSES -  Hebrews 9:13-14


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