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Lesson 12






        1. Author - Paul, the apostle:  1:1;  4:18

        2. Date - A.D. 62 during Paul's imprisonment at Rome.

        3. Setting - Colossae was  a large city with the mongrel philosophies of the Greeks and Eastern mysticism combined.  These

            were all dangerous to the simplicity of the gospel for the church.  (A similar situation is found in India today.)  Paul writes to

            counteract the influences that pressed on them.



        1. Key Verses:  3:1-2;  2:6-7

        2. Theme:  Since we are followers of Christ (not followers of these pagan gods or ways), we should live like Him with our

            minds set on the things above.

        3. Outline of the book:

                1) Thanksgiving and prayer:  1:3-12

                2) God's work in Christ:  1:13-2:3

                        a. Redemption: 1:13-14

                        b. The excellence of Christ:  1:15-19

                        c. Reconciliation:  1:20-2:3


                3) False Teaching and Warnings:  2:4-23

                        a. Walk in Christ according to redemption:  2:4-7

                        b. Christ is the center of the universe:  2:8-15

                        c. Heresies and controversies:  2:16-23

                4) New Life in Christ:  3:1-4:6

                        a. Set your minds on the things above:  3:1-4

                        b. Put to death these things:  3:5-11

                        c. Put on these things:  3:12-17

                        d.     Examples of the new life in relationships:  3:18-4:1

                        e. Exhortation to prayer and wisdom:  4:2-6

                5) Paul's personal conclusions and greetings:  4:7-18

                        a. Example of one sent on a mission:  4:7-9

                        b. Greetings and Paul's closing:  4:10-18



        1. Colossae was a true picture of India today:

                1) False gods and philosophies:  2:8, 16-19

                2) The indulgence in fleshly worship:  2:20-23

                3) Persecutions to those who follow Christ:  1:23

                4) The need for separation for normal practices:  3:5-14

                5) Some who remain faithful to Christ:  1:3-5

        2. The Supremacy of Christ

                1) The kingdom belongs to His as God's son:  1:13

                2) Only in Him is there redemption and forgiveness:  1:14

                3) He is the image of the invisible God:  1:15

                4) He is the source of all creation:  1:15-16

                5) He holds all things together:  1:17

                6) He is the head of the church:  1:18

                7) He is the first to be resurrected:  1:18

                8) In Him the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form:  1:19;  2:9

                9) He reconciles all things to Himself through His blood:  1:19-23

        3. Set your Minds of the Things Above:  3:1-4

                1) Because you have been raised with Christ:  3:1

                2) Because that is where Christ is on His Throne:  3:1

                3) Because you have died to this earthly world:  3:3

                4) Because your life now is with Christ:  3:3

                5) Therefore, do not set your hearts on earthly things:  3:2

                6) When Christ returns, you will share His glory:  3:4

        4. Practical Ways to Live With Christ in Your Life:

                1) Put to death anything that belongs to the sinful and earthly nature:  3:5-11

                2) Clothe yourself with all that belongs to the spiritual heavenly nature of God:  3:12-15

                3) Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly:  3:16-17

                4) Wives, submit to your husbands:  3:18

                5) Husbands, love your wives:  3:19

                6) Children, obey your parents:  3:20

                7) Fathers, encourage your children:  3:21

                8) Slaves, obey your earthly masters: 3:22-25

                9) Masters, be fair with your servants:  4:1




1. If we practice thanking God for each other (1:3), in what way will this help our relationship with each other?


2. Explain what Paul means in Colossians 1:13.


3. What does it mean to have "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Colossians 1:27)


4. List five (5) things that Paul says about Christ (1:13-19)








5. What kind of worldly philosophy takes us away from Christ?  (Colossians 2:8) Give an example!


6. "Having been buried with him in _________________ and raised with him through faith in the __________________ of

    God, who raised him from the dead." (Colossians 2:12)


7. How can we "set our minds on the things above?"  (Colossians 3:2)


8. Read Colossians 3:12-15.  Can you practice this in India today?  Will it work as Paul expected it to in Colossae?


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